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Volume 9

Uniform Shop Closure and Lost Property 

Please be advised that the Uniform Shop and the Online Uniform Shop will be closed from Thursday, 22 June for stocktake. The Uniform Shop will remain closed for the duration of the school holidays until Term 3 commences on Monday, 17 July.

A reminder to please arrange to collect any lost property from the Uniform Shop, including College Diaries, by the end of Term 2. We also encourage labelling all stationary and uniform items to prevent mix-ups.

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Principal's Message

We are thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of our students and community. 
 Winter-sleepout - Copy.jpg

Our recent Winter Sleepout fundraiser was a huge success, with over 100 members of the community coming together to raise funds and awareness for youth homelessness. Thanks to the generosity of our staff and students, we have raised over $13,500 to date. The night was steeped in scripture, service, community and, by the sounds of it, lots of fun activities.


On the same night, Rosebank won 9 out of 12 debates, with four of our teams heading to the finals. The Mock Trial team of the NSW Law Society emerged victorious in Round 2. They will need to win Round 3 in order to progress to the next phase. We extend our best wishes to Elizabeth Day, Xavier Woods, Lauren Herbert, Lola Mckenzie, Lauren Goldsmith and Isabella Todaro for a successful competition.

Additionally, our Theatresports team will be competing in the Grand Final at the Enmore Theatre on Sunday, 18 June, at 5:30 pm. The community of Rosebank is proudly behind all of these outstanding achievements and the wonderful students and teachers who represent us so well. Congratulations also to three of our talented Year 11 Visual Arts students, Clarah Noh, Lola Tesoriero, and Grace Lin, who have been accepted into the highly competitive National Art School HSC Intensive Program for 2023. This program will allow them to focus on a specific medium and develop their Body of Work for the year, starting in the June holidays.  The program will provide these students with a unique opportunity to enhance their artistic skills, broaden their creative perspectives, and prepare for their HSC.

Amongst the many successes this term, we are excited to share that Rosebank won 1st place in the Folk category and our senior team achieved 2nd place in Jazz at the SCS Dance Eisteddfod. Our upcoming CAPA events, including the Years 9 and 10 Drama Production featuring 'The Small Poppies' on 13 June and the Dance Showcase on 15 June, are the perfect opportunity for our students to demonstrate their talents. We would love to see you there.


I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated volunteer Archivists: Robert Beazley, Pauline Beazley, Maureen Sidoti, Maureen Dolle, Robyn Seedsman, and Frances Raey. You play an instrumental role in preserving the history of Rosebank and we are incredibly grateful.

As the end of the financial year approaches, we remind you of the Rosebank Building Fund. If you are considering making a tax-deductible donation, please consider contributing to our fund. More information can be found on our website at Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us provide the best possible education for our students.


It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our esteemed 1976 alumni, Joanne Travaglia. Joanne was not only a dedicated member of our college community but also served as a Board Director between 1993-1996 and again from 2013-2015. Her contributions to our college and her accomplishments were truly remarkable. In our newsletter edition, dated 21 February 2022, we had the honour of featuring Joanne and highlighting her achievements. For those who wish to learn more about her inspiring journey, we have provided a link here.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to Joanne's family. They have requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Partners in Health.

Let us join as a community to honour Joanne's memory during this time of loss. 

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Ms Iris Nastasi


📷 From the Assistant Principal

I hope that you all enjoyed the extra-long weekend and have returned recharged for the last two weeks of Semester 1.  The four days off were certainly welcomed by many a tired athlete, following the tremendous feats on display at last weeks Athletics Carnival.  Blessed with blue skies and sunshine, our students swarmed into Sydney Olympic Park in a sea of colour.  In fine form on the track and in great voice in the stands, a terrific day was had by all.  A special thank you to our PACE team for their organisation and running of the day.  We wait now in anticipation for the announcement of which House has made it to the top of the podium.  

On Monday, 19 June we will celebrate the creativity and artistic talents of the youngest members of our community, as we welcome parents onsite for the Year 7 Semester 1 Arts Day.  While these students may still be nervously navigating their way around unfamiliar instruments and building confidence around expressing their creativity, this event provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to show their support and to see how far they have come.

We will end the term on Friday, 23 June with a whole-school Mass, the badging of our 2023/2024 student leaders and a Benedict Day celebration for all of our students.  One of the highlights of this annual event is the always entertaining ‘Rosebank’s Got Talent’ show, which has in the past seen a number of students take to the stage and surprise us all with hidden musical, dance or comedic talent, bringing a packed auditorium cheering to its feet.  Regardless of level of talent, it is the willingness and courage to participate and ‘give it go’ attitude that is encouraged and applauded.  These community celebrations provide an opportunity to come together not only to recognise significant people and events central to our College’s past and future, but to demonstrate hospitality, collegiality and inclusivity.  

Save the Date – Trivia Night 2023: Saturday, 19 August

The 10-week countdown to the College’s annual P&F Trivia Night fundraiser has begun.  Last year’s winning table has laid down the challenge, vowing to take home the spoils for a second year running.  Whether you are a long-standing member of the community or new parents to the school, I encourage you to use this time to put together a table of your smartest friends and brush up on your trivia knowledge.  An invitation to join us for this highly entertaining evening is included in this newsletter.  Click here to read more (FAQs) and our P&F team are also available to answer any questions and provide you with any additional information:

Copy of Trivia Night - Save the Date.png

Mr Paul Hardwick

Assistant Principal

From the P&F

P&F Fundraising.png

To ensure the success of our main fundraiser, the online auction for Trivia Night, the College relies on the support and generosity of our community. Donations are welcome from individuals or companies. Examples of donations received in the past include gift cards, vouchers, spa products, electronics, gift hampers, etc.

If you or someone you know is in the position to donate a prize, big or small, or are available to volunteer your time to assist on the night, please email the P&F Advisory Committee with the details

Please note, donated items must be new, in their original packaging and will be accepted at the P&F's discretion. This letter may be used to assist your efforts:

📷 Ministry News

Winter Sleepout 


On Friday, 2 June, 79 Rosebank students and 23 staff remained at the College for the Winter Sleepout. 

The aim of the event was to provide students with an insight into the challenges of sleeping 'rough' and also support the work of Father Chris Riley's Youth of The Streets (YoTS) via fundraising to secure a position at the sleepout - with a current balance of $13,500. 

Students listened to a presentation from Garry of YoTS and had the opportunity to ask questions about the challenges faced by individuals and their experiences. There were also plenty of games and activities throughout the night, including a visit from the Vinnies Night Patrol Van. Dinner for the night was limited to similar items that Night Patrol provided to clients and we all had to consider how to sleep comfortably for the night on J-Courts with nothing but a layer of cardboard between our sleeping bag and the concrete floor. In the morning students and staff discussed the challenges of being comfortable, dealing with the road noise and also the vulnerability that someone might experience on the street. 

Thank you to all the families who supported the fundraising efforts of our students. 

Mr Chris Hansford 
Assistant Dean of Ministry


On Wednesday, 24 May Alyssa Tarabay, Adrian Sorrentino, Ludovic Carver, Sebastian Ignacio, Arabella Bentick, Leo Nelson, Sara McKeown, Olivia Gimenez and I accompanied by Mr Mannah and Ms Piperides, were given to opportunity to attend the Solemnity of Our Lady, Help of Christians Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, hosted by Sydney Catholic Schools.

Our journey began by hopping on the school bus, and during the drive to the Cathedral Mr Mannah encouraged us to all warm up our singing voices by doing some karaoke to Celine Dion, this really prepared us for the amount of singing we participated in during mass! Once we arrived in the city we were greeted at the cathedral and sat amongst a vast amount of school students all part of the Sydney's Catholic Schools Archdiocese. It was lovely to have both Bishop Richard Umbers and Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, dispite his recent foot injury, celebrate this mass with us. Overall, it was a beautiful mass to take part in and truly recognised the significance that Our Lady, Mary, Help of Chritians holds within our faith.

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Lorena Mifsud

College Vice Captain (Ministry)

From the Student Leaders


Donate here:    

Express interest to participate here:    

Senior School House Basketball Grand Final Results! 


Following the success of the recent Middle School competition, Rosebank’s Seniors had the chance to represent their House in the annual Inter House Basketball Competition. After many fierce matches, it all came down to the grand final where the reigning champions, McLaughlin House, took on the mighty cerise coloured Vaughan House. After an intense and thrilling game, McLaughlin House brought home the championship plaque…AGAIN…for the third year in a row! Vaughan House is to be commended for putting up a great fight with the final score being 15-4! 

McLaughlin House would like to thank and congratulate all of our senior players for their dedication, skill and teamwork: Aarnav Mahant, Sam Hogan, Lorena Mifsud, Francesco Tumminia, Joseph Kalachian, Jack Harris, Charlotte Durham, Chloe Tselis, Kahlan Louey, Catherine Nunez, and Jonas Kapsanis. As House Captains, Alfie and I also appreciate the whole of McLaughlin House for their support and for creating an exhilarating and fun atmosphere! This competition has been a great opportunity for students to showcase their House spirit and to bring the whole school together. Here is hoping that McLaughlin can take home a fourth title next year! 

Natalia Diaz 
McLaughlin House Captain  

Ryde Secondary College Prefect Afternoon Tea


On Thursday, 25 May, Olivia Sullivan, Cooper Husken, and I attended the Ryde Secondary College Prefect Afternoon Tea. This event was a new experience for us, as we have never attended a PAT before. Contrary to our presumed opinions on a perfect afternoon tea, we had a very enjoyable experience, jam packed with fun icebreakers, and team building activities. We participated in multiple games, and trivia activities such as guessing the song lyric, and playing musical chairs. We met and talked with many prefects from other schools, making new friends, and shared our experiences of being in Year 12 and being a leader. Overall, it was a smoothly run and enjoyable experience and was a great example of the benefits that are gained when being a leader at Rosebank. 

Talia Sezgin 
Year 12

Reconciliation Week 

During Week 6, the Culture and Identity leaders ran a series of events to highlight Reconciliation Week.

We launched the week at the College Assembly which fell on National Sorry Day and then highlighted the significance of this week in our nation’s history from Monday morning. We started the week with an Acknowledgement of Country during morning Homeroom. On Wednesday morning, our leaders were at the gates of the college handing out stickers in recognition of this year’s theme “Be a voice for generations” and engaged in some great conversations with students. 

The week continued with a ‘Kahoot’ run during EmpowerEd sessions which highlighted key events such as the 2001 Bridge Walk and the Bringing the Home Report and an Acknowledgement of Country on Friday. Only 8% of participants got all the questions in the Kahoot correct! 

It was great to see the engagement with these events and have some great conversations when stickers were given out on Wednesday morning.

Year 12 Culture and Identity Leaders

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📽️ CAPA News


Please click the posters above or visit to register your attendance. 

YEAR 7 ARTS DAY - Semester 1.jpg

Please click the poster above or visit this link to register your attendance.      

National Art School Intensive Program


I am thrilled to announce that three of our Year 11 Visual Arts students, Clara Noh, Lola Tesoriero, and Grace Lin, have been accepted into the prestigious National Art School HSC Intensive Program for 2023! This achievement is a testament to their exceptional talent, dedication, and the outstanding guidance provided by our Visual Arts department and Rosebank College. The program will allow them to enhance their artistic abilities and expand their creative horizons.    

We are incredibly proud of Clara, Lola, and Grace and their selection into this highly competitive program. Their participation will greatly contribute to the development of their Year 12 Body of Work. Congratulations to these students on their remarkable accomplishment. Their success showcases the excellence of our Visual Arts programs and teachers and the support we provide to our students. Below are their artworks which aided in their submission to the program.   


Realism to Abstraction - Landscape Art     

In Year 9 Visual Arts, students were introduced to abstraction through a series of exercises that encouraged them to explore the use of color and form. They began by creating abstract landscapes, using a variety of colors to depict a scene without relying on realistic representation. As they progressed, students were encouraged to experiment with different techniques and materials, such as collage and mixed media, to create abstract pieces that were unique and expressive. In the final stage of the making of their artworks, students were encouraged to combine their knowledge of realism and abstraction to create a work that blended both styles. This allowed students to express themselves creatively while still maintaining a grounding in traditional techniques. From the careful observation required for realism to the creative expression of abstraction, students gained a deeper understanding of the power of the landscape around them to communicate ideas and emotions.    

Ms Aimee Leal       
Visual Arts, Photography and Digital Media Teacher   

Stage 5 Landscapes   

In Year 9, students embarked on an artistic exploration inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Divided into two teams, one using petals and the other using leaves, they immersed themselves in the natural world. The delicate petals were placed gracefully, while the vibrant array of leaves formed the shape of a man, paying homage to Goldsworthy's style. Through their creations, the students discovered the beauty of nature and the transformative power of art, leaving a lasting impression on both themselves and their audience, the passers-by throughout the rest of the day.   

Decay of man.jpg

Trail of Beauty.jpg

Decay of Man by Napoleon Lellis, Abe Durham, Ruby Schafer, Oliver Timbs, Leyla Tierney, Jeet Dawson, Abby Urquhart and Jeremy Schreuder.

Trail of Beauty by April Emdin, Marina Cerqueira, Rose Ardlie, Chloe Charles, Camryn Fitzpatrick, Sienna Lau, Melina Scarcella, Alexis Statham and Jamie Tong.   

Mr Jack Booker   
Visual Arts Teacher


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Science News


Year 11 and Year 12 Chemistry students practicing titration

TAS News


Design and Technology students have showcased a wide variety of creative talents. Their LED lamp designs represent their cultural identity using 3D printing and laser cutting technology. Students are now preparing a wax ring mould to cast into silver.

Ms Darrelle Lines

TAS Teacher

History News


A few weeks ago, I, along with several other students volunteered to contribute to the 2023 Local Club Five Dock RSL ANZAC Day Competition. The students who entered from Rosebank College and other school communities submitted a drawing, story, account or presentation, all distinguished by the historical ANZAC spirit. This year, students were challenged to meet the criteria of:

  • A description of a family member, friend, neighbour or interesting person in the community
  • An Australian Army, Navy or Air Force drawing or story
  • A description of peaceful ways to overcome conflict

After our efforts and devotion to creating these pieces, Lily Mullen, Harrison Hammond and I were informed that we had placed in the top three for the competition. We then got an invite from the RSL to have a morning tea and receive our awards and prizes on Wednesday 10 May. My peers and I were accompanied by Mr Scalia and Ms Roach. We represented Rosebank College with honour in our local community.

Genessa Mieli
Year 8

For everyone that reads this account, I would personally consider taking part in this competition if you have the chance. It is an amazing opportunity to revisit your ancestry. For me, this competition has been an awesome way of digging through my Australian background, having a chat about my great-grandparents, finding out what they did, and what they did to contribute to their country.

Congratulations to all of the student winners: Genessa Mieli placed 1st for her wonderful artwork, Lily Mullen placed 2nd for her unbelievable story, and Harrison Hammond received 3rd place for his amazing story. They were all truly outstanding and creative. We would also like to congratulate the other students at Rosebank and other schools who participated. We would like to thank the teachers and staff, Mr Scalia and Ms Roach who took part in organising the competition, aswell as our Local RSL Club community for giving us the opportunity to participate.

Lily Mullen
Year 8

EnrichED News

As we move into the last weeks of what seems like a very short term, opportunities and events are coming thick and fast. The Write a Book in a Day groups have exceeded expectations with their fundraising for the Kids’ Cancer Project and are now preparing for a very long day on 17 June. They will spend from 7:30am to 8:30pm in the College library pounding their keyboards to write, illustrate, edit, and publish their books which will be sent to Childrens’ Hospitals around Australia. We wish them well. If you would like to add a donation to their cause, more information can be found here: 

Future Problem Solving 


As the Future Problem Solving Team moves into the resolution phase of their project, they are looking for more helpers to work on their planned solution. If you are interested in joining this band of dedicated eco-warriors as they battle with organic waste at the College, speak with Mr Borg or Ms McArthur and sign up to participate in Term 3, during PACE. 

Academy Conferences Day 


On Monday June 5, the iThink class and a group of interested senior students travelled to Ascham School to participate in the Academy Learning Annual Conference: More Able and Ambitious. It was a day jampacked with big ideas and brain stretching concepts. Students have provided their reflections on the day below. 

Session 1: Knowing what you Know and what you don’t Know 

We started off with a statement, how do you know about and what you don’t. One point of view is that what you know must come from some type of experience but Kant’s Copernican Revolution suggests that the world as we perceive is not identical with the world as it is. Our brain interprets what we feel, see and touch and makes sense of it according to what we already know; the mind uses sense data to generate ideas. Furthermore, we considered the difference between knowing something in a classical epistemological sense and having strong beliefs. Julie Arliss suggests that the predictions we make based on empirically developed knowledge strays into the world of beliefs rather than knowledge. Whilst empiricism supports the idea that all learning only comes from experience and observations. This is the opposite of the rationalist idea that we must have some prior knowledge to begin building our understanding of world. Knowledge developed from rationalism include things such as mathematical knowledge. For mythical concepts such as fairies, unicorns, centaurs and dreams, human imagination combines two real ideas to make a fake idea, which is not real but seems like it possibly could be. As things like the mathematical ideas that supported the prediction of black holes and gravitational waves seem to be true, Modern Epistemology rejects foundationalism as an absolute, saying there is no foundation for knowledge. However, Fallible Foundationalism argues that there are foundations for knowledge, that our minds work hard to piece everything together into a consistently, reliable theory of how everything works that we accept and work with until it is proven otherwise. In conclusion, what you know is based on your experiences, sense data, beliefs and innate knowledge all combined to form our understanding of the world. 

Joon Kim 
Year 9 

Session 2: The Oxbridge Interview Question 

The second talk we engaged was about the interview questions asked when applying to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The interviews contain questions that are designed to be unexpected, conceptual in nature and have multiple valid ways in which to answer, It is expected that it will engage the interviewees in conversation, rather than have them simply regurgitate information. These questions include things like “How many animals did Noah take on the ark?” “Why does religion exist?” “What are you currently reading?” and “How do you know you are in Oxford?” 

Challenging the premise of the question is also an option. They use these questions to get a better understanding of how the candidates think and the different ways their brains work. They want people who approach the questions from interesting angles, people who would benefit from the Oxbridge learning system, including their one to one tutoring model. By forcing the candidates onto the back foot, the interviewers are able to examine their eligibility far better than if they’d simply tested how much knowledge they can recite.  

Damian Tangye 
Year 10 

Session 3: The Science of Happiness 

During our time at Ascham College, we had the privilege of listening to Dr Christopher O’Neill talk about the ‘Science of Happiness’. This talk included the four main pillars of happiness, how to improve happiness and how happiness can lead to living a longer and more fulfilling life.  
Dr O'Neill demonstrated these pillars of happiness within a quartered hot cross bun, each section holding a different pillar. These were, having positive emotions, thoughts, behaviours and motivation, as well as the addition of strong friendships.  
The research shows that we tend to choose friends with similar genes, and that there are a number of physical things that improve the strength and quality of friendship. These replace or strengthen the grooming behaviours that we see in apes and are touch, singing and laughing together, rhythmic movement such as dancing and emotional storytelling. 
This talk was based on a myriad of research papers which also supported some interesting and unique ways to improve happiness. Exercise was included as a way to improve overall happiness - good health leads to feeling good, which along with happiness can lead to living a longer life. Tango dancing, meditation and running are just some of the more specific ways to make yourself happier. He also mentioned the importance of physical touch and the amount of time spent with friends to improve your happiness.   
The research indicates that the positive emotions invoked by happiness buffer people against stress and trauma. The happier we are the less likely we are to be racist, biased or jump to negative conclusions. Dr O’Neill also mentioned the role of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. The science says the greater and more frequent the external reward the worse the performance. I guess that means no more Freddos in class! 
Dr O’Neill provided an insightful and funny look into the science behind happiness and how small but consistent gestures can result in living longer. 

Matilda Ryan and Arabella Bentick 
Year 9 

Session 4: Social Physics 

The 4th Topic was a lecture on Social Physics, something we were all curious to know about. It is all about the concept of Big Data, how it reflects society but also how it can be used to manipulate individuals and groups thus also shaping society. This talk also mentioned the concept of stolen information and digital privacy. Julie Arliss demonstrated the ease with which large packets of de-identified data can be combined and in three or four clicks, specific and very private data about an individual such as medical records, can be obtained.  We looked at statistics and how certain completely unrelated topics followed similar trends leading us to reflect on the difference between the ideas of correlation and causation. Social physics also introduces the job of a data analyst, someone who identifies trends in large, overwhelming datasets. Overall, this talk allowed us to deeply understand the patterns and connections which all people follow and how we can turn this into useful information and how it can be used to cause harm to individuals, groups and societies as a whole. 

Kiera McCutcheon 
Year 9 

Session 5: Debate: The house believes that love is not a commodity to be traded 

The last section of our seminar was the debate in which the two main speakers made their points for and against a statement, then opened the discussion to the audience. The topic was “This house believes that love (and sex) is not a commodity to be traded.” The first speaker: Dr O’Neill was on the affirmative and argued that sex is a commodity but should not be traded as sex work is often immoral, as well as exploitative. He used online porn as an example, stating that porn addictions can lead to depression. He then said that love (as in romantic love etc.) is a “disposition, not a commodity” and said that love cannot be bought. The second speaker, Julie Arliss, believed that both sex and love can be bought, and that to believe otherwise is prudish. She referenced the movie Indecent Proposal and used it to demonstrate how anyone would sell themselves for the right price. She said that selling sex is similar to any other service when autonomously chosen and that it should be regulated to ensure that it is a free and fair exchange, just as other services are. Arliss also explained how love is often used as a marketing strategy, and that processes such as plastic surgery and gym memberships involve marketing yourself for better romantic relationships. After she made her points, a line of volunteers formed, each of them stating their take on the argument. One of these volunteers was our own Joon Kim (Year 9 O’Connor). He presented his unique take and ended the seminar with a flourish. The debate ended with the floor voting strongly for the affirmative. 

Sophia Maniaci 
Year 9 

Ethics Olympiad

Ethics Olympiad1.jpg

On Tuesday 30 May, I and 4 other students participated in the Senior Ethics Olympiad. However, preparations for the day began a term before. Each year, we are given a range of interesting scenarios that raise a number of moral concerns, spanning topics such as neurotechnology, cultural practices, politics and more. Over the course of a term, our team met and discussed the various “cases” and the ethical issues around them. We were given plenty of time to unpack the cases and enjoy the engaging discussions that followed, which were guided by some specific questions given by the organisers of the competition. The nature of the competition invites everyone to explore different perspectives on each case, which is my favourite aspect of the Ethics Olympiad. The discussions had both in training and during the competition, were insightful and quite relevant to our current world. On the day, teams from multiple schools come together and discuss each case, guided by the same questions given before. The competition was extremely captivating and enlightened us about many different ideas and perspectives. If you have any interest in ethics, interesting discussions, or current world events I highly recommend the Ethics Olympiad. 

Jack Batchelor 
Year 11

Sign up now for Term 3 opportunities, these include: 

The Solar Car Challenge 

Cars are designed and built during PACE in Term 3 for an interschool competition late in Term 3. If you’re interested in participating, talk to Mr Stivaktis or Ms McArthur today. Names must be registered by the end of Week 8.


Students who would like the opportunity to participate in the InnovatED Showcase in Term 4 should sign up now to register their project with Ms McArthur, via the email below. An InnovatED Project should be a deep dive into an area of passionate interest for the participating student. Guidance for planning, researching and completing an academically rigorous project occurs during PACE time in Term 3. Those who also want to participate in other PACE activities can complete their project in their own time but will have to commit to regular meetings during breaks with Ms McArthur. The student organising committee is already deeply engaged in creating the marketing and managing the preparations for the showcase which will occur on 10 November.


Our professional coaches will continue at the College next term during PACE. Any students wanting to learn how to play chess or learn how to play chess better, are invited to contact Ms McArthur to add their name to the roll for Term 3. This should be done before the end of Week 8.

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Ms Cheryl McArthur

Gifted Education and iThink Teacher, EnrichED Program Facilitator

Cassidy House Update

Abe Durham-crop.jpg

Congratulations to Cassidy student Abe Durham who was selected and sponsored to join the Windeward Bound Voyage in May. He and the crew sailed from Sydney to Brisbane on a large ship, demonstrating Abe's commitment to the team and passion for sailing. A keen sailor, Abe also won the Abbostsford 12ft Skiff Club Open Championship and earned the highest point score aboard the 'Attitude'. 

Congratulations to Abe and best of luck for your future sailing adventures.

Ms Elizabeth Solomonides

House Coordinator - Cassidy


Click here to view full Rep and Club Sport results (Term 2) 

From the Dean of PACE 

It has been busy over the last few months in PACE, but that is just business as usual here at Rosebank. We are currently fielding representative teams in Football, Rugby League and Netball and holding trials for the Term 3 sports of AFL, Rugby 7’s and Tennis. Our debaters have been ‘duking it out’ with various schools around the city and our Theatresports legends are through to the final. Watch out for ‘Check Mate’ – the Chess Team is also on the board this term. 

At the last assembly I spoke to the students about concussion and showed them this excellent video which you may like to take 4 minutes to watch. It is fair to say that winter is ‘concussion season’ with a greater prevalence in diagnosed cases during this period. It is essential that students who are diagnosed with concussion are eased back into learning and physical activity appropriately. Rosebank is following the guidelines set out by the Children’s Hospital at Westmead with regard to return to school and play protocols. Mr Amos (PACE Administrator and Club Sport Coordinator) will work closely with the families and teachers of affected students to ensure a safe and smooth return process. It is essential that students are honest with relation to their feedback around concussion as an early return can lead to further issues.  

Thursday PACE has also been busy with Year 7 and Year 8 students participating in basketball, futsal, volleyball, touch football and pickleball. Years 9 and 10 have chosen elective activities that include tennis, ten pin bowling, walking, MasterChef, textiles to name just a few. The Benedictine Academy for Year 11 and Year 12 has included an opportunity for students who have major works to complete the chance to work on these projects during PACE. A number of EnrichED groups have also been working hard including Tournament of the Minds, Future Problem Solvers, Chess, Write a Book in a Day and Robotics. 

Mr Stuart Hanrahan 
Dean of Physical and Cultural Engagement 

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award 

Congratulations to Elise Borozan and Connor Wallace who recently completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. 

Ms Maryanne Di Bella    
PACE Coordinator (Cultural and Diverse Activities)

SCS Chess Championships 



On Wednesday 7 June, 17 students represented Rosebank at the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Chess Championships where they competed against other students from across Sydney. All students played extremely well and the senior team (pictured) Oscar Page, Connor McGregor, Julain Corneli and James Sibley finished in 2nd place following a nail biting game. Julian held his nerve in a losing position putting time pressure on his opponent to win the crucial third game for the team and maintain 2nd place. Congratulations to the following students: 

Junior Team: Moses Lawrence, Jacob Wong, Phillip Chalhoub, Ethan Fung 
Intermediate Teams: Alexander Ventouris, Joshua Fung, Olivia Lai, JoonYoung Kim, Jeet Dawson, Rex Newman, Daniel Kavanagh, Adriano Sorrentino, Jay Thakker 
Senior Team: James Sibley, Connor McGregor, Julian Corneli, Oscar Page 

Rep Sport Finalists 

We have had an outstanding term of representative sports with success across a number of our teams. Congratulations to the following teams who will progress into the Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Conference 2 finals this week:

  • Girls Junior A Netball
  • Girls Intermediate A Netball
  • Girls Senior Netball 
  • Girls Junior B Netball
  • Boys Junior A Netball
  • Boys Senior A Netball
  • Mixed Intermediate A Netball
  • Boys Junior A Soccer
  • Boys Intermediate A Soccer
  • Boys Senior Soccer
  • Boys Junior B Soccer
  • Girls Junior A Soccer
  • Girls Intermediate Soccer
  • Girls Senior Soccer
  • Girls Junior B Soccer

NSWCCC Cross Country Success

Claudia Peterie.jpg

Congratulations to Claudia Peterie (Year 11, Adamson) for her stellar performance at the NSWCCC Cross Country Championships on Monday 13th June. Claudia placed 2nd in her age group in a time of 16 minutes and 5 seconds. She will now go on to represent NSWCCC at the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships in July. 

All Schools Basketball


Congratulations to Rebecca Donnelly (Year 10, Hayes) for her selection into the NSWCCC Basketball team who competed at the NSW All Schools Championships. This is a massive achievement and a credit to Rebecca’s hard work and commitment. 

Australian Gymnastics Championships

Lily Coffey.jpg

Lily Coffey (Year 8, Dwyer) recently returned from the Australian Gymnastics Championships where she represented NSW as a Junior International Rhythmic gymnast and reached 3 finals. Her NSW rhythmic gymnastics team was very successful, winning gold at the competition. Congratulations Lily on this wonderful achievement!


Ms Annalisa Di Bella    
PACE Coordinator (Representative Sport)

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📷 Pathways and Partnerships


On Tuesday, 30 May, Rosebank College was fortunate to have Associate Professor John Kavanagh, Associate Head of School (Education) from The University of Sydney, Faculty of Engineering School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering provide students from Year 10 to Year 12 an insight into pathways into chemical engineering, an overview of key industry partnerships aligned with the course and the opportunity of job prospects within the engineering sector. 

Ms Amanda Ivanac    
Pathways and Partnerships Assistant 


Year 10 Pathways and Partnerships Industry Awareness Expo 

A very sincere thank you to the wonderful volunteers; alumni, parents, staff and representatives from various industries and institutions who shared their career stories with Year 10 students on Tuesday 6th June. The presentations helped to expand students' understanding of career possibilities and where their studies can take them in the world of work. Thank you also to the students for their engagement and the staff who made this event possible.

  • Startup/Entrepreneurship and Business 
    Zac Jabour 
    Leanne McIntosh 
    Gilbert Lorquet
  • Building and Construction 
    Bob Bowden 
    Paul Micallef  
    /David Bell  
    /Stephen Bishenden
  • Childcare Industry (Preschool/School-age Care) 
    Roisin Hart  
    /Annelise Sara 
    /Amie Andrews 
    Alessandro Trimboli
  • Engineering 
    Pr John Kavanagh 
    Stewart Gray
  • Fashion Industry 
    Adriane Al Khoury 
    Pina Pirrello- Sillaro
  • Health/Medical (Genetics/Physiotherapy) 
    Rachel Williams 
    Julienne Locke
  • Health (Psychology/Alcohol and Other Drugs) 
    Joanna Murphy 
    Suzi Petrozzi 
  • Information Technology 
    Bill Efthimiou 
    Simon Fajou
  • Food Industry (Food Science/Research and Development, Events Catering) 
    Sarah Marshall 
    Antonio Sabia
  • Legal: Policing and Law 
    Denise Bozikis/William Kim 
    Charlie Monti
  • Marketing and Communications 
    Alexis Kenny  
    Jessica Edge 
    Chris Kenny 
    Grant Jones
  • Psychology 
    Vanessa Sleeman 
    Imogen Abba
  • Town Planning and Property Services (Real Estate) 
    Monica Cologna 
    Melissa Strazzeri
  • Automotive Industry 
    Isabella Guarascio 

Mrs Angela Pavicic    
Pathways and Partnerships Coordinator

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Alumni News

Save the date Reunion 2023.jpg

We warmly invite all former students to save the date for the Rosebank Reunion event, Saturday, 28 October 2023 at 4 - 6pm.

No matter when your student days ended, there will always be a place for you and your classmates within our alumni community. We recognise that reconnecting with your classmates is an important part of your story.

Rosebank College supports the organisation of school reunions and encourages your Class Reunion Representative to plan your reunion dinner after our event. Need assistance? Download our Reunion Guide and contact our Community Engagement Liaison at

Join our alumni social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and register your details on our alumni contact list to stay in the loop.

Aluminate Video Series rectangle.jpg

We are seeking alumni who left Rosebank in the last 10 years or so to participate in this exciting program. The Rosebank Aluminate YouTube Series connects current Rosebank students with alumni at various stages of their career journey. Episodes feature alumni stories from a variety of fields and industries, showcasing success in its many forms. We talk about career development, career journeys, creating opportunity awareness, studies at Rosebank College and the best advice for our students. This series inspires students to see what is possible after their time at Rosebank College ends and encourage them to advance in their post-school education and career. 

If you would like to participate or would like to nominate a Rosebank alumni, click the link:

Mrs Tina Carbone

Community Engagement Liaison


Manga Club 


On Fridays during Break 2 students have been meeting in the SRSC to share their passion for Manga. Manga is a style of comic book or graphic novel developed and popularised in Japan, however, students at Rosebank just love them and read them over and over again. In Manga Club you have the option to read, draw, play, discuss, watch or research Manga and sometimes everything, all at once. Personally, I have learnt a lot about the genre including the method of reading from back to front, right to left and the complexities of the characters, storylines and illustrations. It's definitely more difficult to read than you think. The students recommend the Dragon Ball Z series as a good place to start if you have not yet discovered the joy of Manga. Please enjoy these photos and look out for the Manga Club on Fridays. 

Issues in Society 


The Spinney Press has been dedicated to producing an ongoing series of books on social issues since 1992. Issues in Society titles are topical, cross-curricular resources and have been used extensively in Australian secondary schools, TAFE colleges, universities and public libraries. 

Each book in the Issues in Society series targets a specific social issue and comprises a thoroughly researched compilation of the latest news, facts, statistics and commentary from trusted sources. Many titles cover a range of opinions on controversial topics, providing the perfect platform to provoke debate, stimulate critical analysis and encourage further research. Over 100 Issues in Society titles are available in both print and digital editions. 

Issues in Society volumes 216-379 are held in the Senior Study area of the SRSC. Volumes 380 onwards are available as a PDF via Destiny. View titles in Destiny here

Premier's Reading Challenge 

There are just over eight weeks left until the Premier's Reading Challenge is finished! Luckily there are three weeks of winter holidays coming up to catch up on your reading! Come and get your holiday borrowing sorted NOW! If you need help finding some quick reads in order to complete the challenge why not check out our Graphic Novel collection? Remember your class novels also count toward your tally of books. This is your chance to also earn points for your HOUSE!

Be inspired and warmed by our Autumn and Winter reads on display in the SRSC NOW! 


Library Stocktake 

SRSC staff have begun the Library stocktake and as such we encourage you to return your overdue and missing books to the SRSC as soon as possible.  
Check your bags, your lockers and at home!

Happy Reading!

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Mrs Leanne Plesa

Library Technician

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