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This is Rosebank

Where over 150 years of tradition meets contemporary innovation.

Our Identity

Underpinned by our rich Benedictine history, we are an inclusive Catholic community in the tradition of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan.

We are a co-educational school where boys and girls grow to respect and learn alongside each other, preparing them for the world in all its diversity.

We are a school of excellence that champions leadership, taking pride in maximising every student’s potential and future pathway.   

We do this by taking a student-led approach, where everyone is known and celebrated. Student voice is encouraged at Rosebank and our students are courageous because of it.

We are a vibrant, energetic, respectful, authentic and connected community.

Come and explore our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our passionate educators and our students.

Our physical and cultural engagement (PACE) programs allow our young people to thrive. We have an outstanding breadth of diverse, high–quality opportunities that surprise and delight.


Confident students, amazing facilities, with a team of lovely professionals supporting it all.

Nick, Rosebank parent

Do you have questions about Rosebank?

What year groups are you accepting applications for?

Rosebank is currently accepting applications for Year 7 2029 and beyond. Learn more here.

What are the school fees for Rosebank students?

The current fee structure can be found here

How will my child get to Rosebank?

Transportation options can be found here.


What course options does Rosebank offer?

Please find information on curriculum and pathways opportunities here.

What co-curricular options does Rosebank offer?

Discover Physical and Cultural Engagement (PACE) here.

What performing arts programs are there for my child?

View all Rosebank performing arts opportunities here


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