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The Rosebank Academic Mentoring Program's mission is to inspire and mentor the youth of the community in their learning journey through individualised tutoring, shared tutoring, group tutoring and study groups.

The Rosebank Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) operates after school each day until 6:30pm. The program offers tutoring in a supportive, innovative learning environment for both Rosebank and external students from Years 5 to 12.

RAMP supports students in their academic studies by empowering students to take ownership of their learning journey, equipping them with the tools to study effectively and encouraging them to realise their full potential.

Opportunities for Rosebank Students 

Individualised Tutoring

Shared Tutoring Sessions

Subject Specific Group Tutoring

Year 7 and 8 Study Group

Combined Study Group

Opportunities for External Students

Individualised Tutoring

Shared Tutoring Sessions

Please note, we are not currently taking new applications for external students.

Individualised Tutoring

Individualised tutoring is a great opportunity for students to gain confidence in subjects they are struggling in and allows tutors to tailor the program to individual learning needs. 

Individualised tutoring is offered in 30 minute ($47.50), 60 minute ($85) and 90 minute ($120) time slots. 

The cost includes tutoring and afternoon tea. Students have the opportunity to join the study group before and/or after their tutoring time slot. 

Shared Tutoring Sessions
Shared 60 minute tutoring sessions allows for students to share the session between friends (for the same subject and of the same year) or family members of different years. The cost is $45 per student.

Subject Specific Group Tutoring 
Small group subject specific tutoring is a brilliant opportunity for students to revise each week. Tutors facilitate the program in a supportive small group environment. To enquire or book, please fill in the Tutoring Enquiry Form for Rosebank students. Please note the subject specific group tutoring sessions are only available to Rosebank Students. External students can book into shared tutoring sessions so that topics are covered according to their school’s scope and sequence.

Group Tutoring session options include:

  • 1 hour Group Tutoring session – Year 9 and above ($45)
  • 30 minute Shared Tutoring session, maximum of 3 students – Year 7 and 8 ($32.50)


Year 7 
  • Mathematics Group Tutoring 30-minute session 
Year 8 
  • Mathematics Group Tutoring 30-minute session  
Year 9 
  • Mathematics Standard 1 hour session 
  • Mathematics  Advanced 1 hour session 
Year 10
  • 5.2 Mathematics 1 hour session 
  • 5.3 Mathematics 1 hour session 
Year 11 
  • Standard English 1 hour session 
  • Advanced English 1 hour session 
  • Standard Mathematics 1 hour session
  • Advanced Mathematics 1 hour session
Year 12
  • Standard Mathematics 1 hour session 
  • Advanced Mathematics 1 hour session
  • Standard English 1 hour session
  • Advanced English 1 hour session 
  • Biology 1 hour session
  • Business Studies 1 hour session
  • Legal Studies 1 hour session
Study Group

In this setting, students have opportunities to seek academic assistance with study and homework for all subject areas and guidance in assessment criteria. The Study Group runs from 3:15pm to 6pm and costs $45 per afternoon.

Year 7 and 8 Specific Study Group

Our team facilitates a Years 7 and 8 specific study group on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, with an assigned Years 7 and 8 tutor.

During the afternoon there will be time for students to independently complete homework, as well as small group structured time for focused guidance on skills or revision. The cost is $45 per afternoon.

Individualised and shared tutoring includes the cost of the Years 7 and 8 Specific Study Group. The Years 7 and 8 mathematics group tutoring sessions are priced for students to leave after their session. If students would like to stay afterwards and independently complete their homework while supervised by a tutor, they can at no additional cost. However, if they would like to participate in the specific Years 7 and 8 Study Group it will be at an additional cost of $14 (Please keep in mind they may have completed the small group time).

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Rosebank Academic Mentoring Program is located at the corner of Harris Road and Parramatta Road Five Dock. Access to Rosebank Academic Mentoring Program is through reception on Parramatta Road. 121 Parramatta Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046

Rosebank Academic Mentoring Program Tutors
Our tutors are passionate about helping students realise their full potential. We have a variety of tutors that facilitate tutoring for a variety of subject areas. For more information about our team of tutors please contact us.

To enquire, please fill in the Tutoring Enquiry Form for Rosebank students.

Please note, we are not currently taking applications for external students.

For more information, please contact: 

Ms Danielle Puhlmann 
RAMP Manager 
02 9713 3108 

Mr Justin Clarkin 
RAMP Assistant Manager 
02 9713 3163 

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