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Uniform Shop and Rosebank Writers Announcements


Uniform Shop 

The Uniform Shop will be closed over the school holidays. Our last trading day was Thursday, 21 September 2023 and we will reopen on Monday, 9 October 2023.

Rosebank Writers

Term 4 continues the exciting opportunity to write and workshop your story/poetry/drama ideas with like-minded peers! Inspirational chocolates will be provided in a comfortable and relaxed setting. For each session you will be required to bring a draft of your latest composition to complete, edit and polish ready for competitions or personal accomplishment. The workshops take place during PACE, where we will enjoy specially tailored writing activities in addition to independent time for personal projects. Writers will receive advice on all stages of drafting and details of the latest external writing competitions.

(Please note that this group does not provide advice for essay writing, homework or assessment tasks)

If you would like to join our writers’ workshops for Term 4, or wish to return to the group, please email Assistant English Coordinator, Ms Nuttall, at to register your interest.

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📽️ Principal's Message

We have enjoyed our many Graduation celebrations this week and in particular our Graduation Mass, Awards Ceremony and Dinner last night. Year 12 2023 are an exceptional group of individuals, we couldn’t be prouder as we wish them well now as they settle into the HSC. I refer to Mr Hardwick's article where we further celebrate the Class of 2023.

A recent article featured in the Sydney Morning Herald shed light on the fact that, on average, students in single-sex schools tend to outperform their co-educational counterparts in specific test domains in NAPLAN. In light of this, Rosebank took the opportunity to thoroughly analyse the datasets that informed this article. I'd like to emphasise that Rosebank College stands as an exception to these statistics.

Upon a careful examination of the results, it became evident that the boys at our College achieve higher average scores than their counterparts in single-sex schools. Additionally, the performance of girls enrolled in our College closely mirrors that of girls in single-sex schools. Notably, Rosebank College's average scores across all testing domains significantly surpass those of other co-educational schools.

It's important to note that NAPLAN merely measures student achievement at a specific point in time. It's crucial to consider this data in conjunction with other relevant information to discern meaningful trends. 

Furthermore, co-education provides many benefits and at Rosebank College, we take immense pride in our inclusive environment, which fosters the success of all our students in reaching their fullest potential. As you know, we take great pride in being a Catholic co-educational community, dedicated to nurturing the full potential of our students in an environment that mirrors the diversity of society, irrespective of gender.

Please enjoy our Term 3 video which captures so much of what we have achieved this term.

Ms Iris Nastasi


📷 Graduation

From the Assistant Principal

Cake cutting 2 bw.jpg 

Graduation is truly a time to celebrate. This week we celebrate and farewell our Year 12’s as they come to the end of their formal schooling at Rosebank. This is a time of great joy tinged with sadness as our graduating class continue their journey away from the College. It marks a significant milestone in their lives and will always be a time remembered with a range of emotions. This is an exciting time not only for our Year 12’s, but for their families who have been on this journey with their children from the beginning. As this chapter ends, we stand proudly alongside these young women and men one last time, as they turn the page this week.

Since arriving at Rosebank, most as Year 7 students in 2018, they have been challenged to grow spiritually, intellectually, morally and emotionally. Their response to these challenges will be what forms the foundation on which they now build.

The Class of 2023 will be remembered for their generosity, for being other-person centred and for their determination to make their mark and leave Rosebank in a better place for those who follow behind them. Their kindness, acceptance of others and confidence have endeared this group to us all and their talents and abilities have given joy to those who have shared their experiences with them.

I make special mention of Lola Arnold and Jonas Kapsanis, our 2023 College Captains, who have been exemplary in their roles. I know that I speak for the entire Rosebank staff when I say that working with you both has been an honour and a privilege, and you have certainly set the bar high for those who will follow in your footsteps. 

With the support of the staff who have taught with patience, care and compassion, our departing students have acquired a wealth of knowledge and honed many of the skills they will need as they head off to chase their dreams. They have learned to find and evaluate, theorise and assess, debate and create, memorise and retain mountains of information and to listen to the views of others with open minds and respect.

Education is never solely about study and academic learning. At Rosebank students learn from within the supportive and nurturing framework of Good Samaritan Education. The teachings of Benedict are very much a part of our ethos which we see reflected in these young people as they share their gifts with our community, our society and our world. It is our hope that the parable of the Good Samaritan echoes quietly for these young people through the years ahead and that they play their part in making the world a better place.

My hope for the Class of 2023, is that our College motto ‘Sursum Corda’ - ‘Lift up your hearts’, will resound inside their hearts and minds for all their days, so that when times may be tough, or challenges seem insurmountable, the voices of their peers loudly singing the Rosebank song, will be enough to ignite the smallest flame, to help lift up their hearts and keep them going.

As members of our Rosebank Alumni these young men and women will always be a part of our Rosebank community.

I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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Mr Paul Hardwick

Assistant Principal

📷 Rosebank Rally


The Rosebank Rally is an initiative the Ministry Team has been running since 2020 and it has been growing exponentially. This year we had close to 300 students volunteer to stay back on a Friday afternoon for singing, dancing, a teachers' skit, but most importantly, Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The theme was 'Cut to the Heart,' meaning how humanity often looks to outward appearances, but God searches our hearts and intentions. Below is a review from three of our Year 8's who attended. 

Mr Colm McCaughan 
Assistant Dean of Ministry 


On Friday Week 8, the three of us attended the Rosebank Rally alongside almost 300 other students! The evening began with a delicious afternoon tea in the Undercroft before everyone made their way to the Benedict Auditorium to quickly save their seats. Once everyone was settled, the talented student band took to the stage, showing us what they were made of. Everyone was singing, along with the flashlights on our phones turned on, and the overall experience was nothing short of amazing. 


Shortly after was the infamous teachers' skit starring the one and only Dr O’Shea! The entire cast was amazing, including Ms Lyons, Ms O’Hehir, Ms Taggart, Ms Stivaletta, Mr Boumelhem, Mr McCaughan, Dr O’Shea, and last but definitely not least, Mr Balfas. Before the performance we were unsure of the acting qualifications that some of these teachers had…but they did not disappoint! The teachers performed to the best of their abilities while teaching us about a valuable lesson about helping and loving our neighbour. Not to mention giving us a great laugh!  

After the skit, the teachers' band came on and gave us a performance of a lifetime which only increased the excitement of everyone. Then one of the most beautiful parts of the whole evening - where Mr McCaughan gave an awe-inspiring speech of the devotion and determination of a German man in WWII by the name of Fr Gereon Goldmann. This was an example of sticking to your principles and having the courage to do so.  

To wrap it up, we were given the opportunity to either have reconciliation in the SRSC or stay in the BA for a blessing while Ms Hill and the Teacher's band put on a great eye-opening performance. And finally, to finish off the Rally with a bang, we had DJ David and a sausage sizzle! We thank and really appreciate everyone who was involved in the setup and production of the Rally and we cannot wait for next year! 

Shannon Donegan, Sara McKeown, and Olivia Gimenez 
Year 8

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From the Dean of Learning


Poppy - Greek.jpg

Rosebank College would like to congratulate Poppy Mavrakis of Year 10 on her award 2023 Minister's Award for Excellence in Student Achievement for her commitment in studying the language of Modern Greek. Poppy commenced studying Modern Greek outside of school this year and her achievement in this language in this short period of time has been outstanding. 

Poppy received her award on Monday, 4 September in an award ceremony that was held at the University of NSW. Congratulations Poppy!

Mr Greg Georgiou

Dean of Learning

📷 CAPA News


On Friday, 15 September, three of our talented Year 8 students Angelica Amodio, Mia Mullan and Chiara Biviano had artworks exhibited in the McGlade Gallery, ACU. The works were ceramic artworks and were selected as part of the Clancy Prize, a Sydney Catholic Schools initiative. It was a proud moment for these budding young artists, two of whom went on to receive prizes. Mia Mullan was awarded the ACU School of Arts Prize and Angelica Amodio was bestowed the Eckersley's Sponsors Award. A big thank you to the parents and students and to Ms Leal, their art teacher.    

Mr George Comninos 
CAPA Teacher

Year 11 VA.jpg

Year 11 VA2.jpg

Year 11 Visual Arts 

Over the term, Year 11 Visual Arts students have been delving into the concept of "Home" through a range of artistic mediums. This exciting unit encourages students to express their interpretations of home in various ways.

Students have been honing their artistic skills and the task has aided them in gaining experience that will prove invaluable when they tackle their HSC Body of Work next term. Enjoy witnessing the incredible talent and creativity that our Year 11 Visual Arts students have brought to life in their exploration of “Home.” 

Stage 5 VA.jpg 

Stage 5 Street Art 

Our Year 9 and 10 Visual Arts students have embarked on an exciting journey into the world of Street Art over the term, and the results are nothing short of impressive. With keen artistic sensibilities, they have crafted stencils that carry impactful messages, touching on a wide range of issues, from environmental sustainability to crucial social justice topics.

Each stencil has been meticulously designed, capturing the essence of their chosen message with striking precision. We look forward to witnessing the students' finished works in the upcoming weeks as we witness the potential for art to inspire and drive change. Stay tuned for the resulting finished works in the next few weeks! 

Year 8 VA.jpg

Year 8 Visual Arts Students Embrace Nature with Linoprints

Our Year 8 Visual Arts students have had a creative term, diving into the art of Linoprinting, with a focus on flora and fauna. Guided by their teacher, they've honed their carving skills to craft intricate designs inspired by the natural world.

Through this artistic journey, students not only developed their technique but also deepened their connection to nature. From delicate leaves to intricate petals, their Linoprints capture the beauty of our environment.

Year 8 VA2.jpg

These creations serve as a reminder of the importance of nurturing creativity and a love for nature. We're proud of their achievements and excited to see where their artistic talents take them in the future! 

Ms Aimee Leal  
Visual Arts & Photography and Digital Media Teacher 

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TAS News

Year 7 TAS Pixel art.jpg

Year 7 Game On students have recently embarked on an exciting journey into computer imaging. They've learned about crucial concepts like images, pixels, hexadecimals, and the role of RGB. As part of their exploration, they collaborated to create an image using pixels and hexadecimals as a class, and then each student crafted their own unique pixel art.  

Mrs Melissa Gal  
TAS Coordinator  

Year 9 and 10 iSTEM: Battle of the Skies


Aryan Mirzan - iSTEM.jpg

At the recent "Battle of the Skies" event, iSTEM students went head-to-head, harnessing the Power Anchor device to test their innovative glider designs in real-world conditions. Amidst the backdrop of skillful engineering and aerodynamic challenges, Aryan Mirzan's glider design demonstrated unmatched excellence, earning him top honors. Congratulations to all students involved.

Mr Dimitrios Stivaktas  
Science, iSTEM and Engineering Studies Teacher

Academic Mentoring Program

New academic tutoring and mentoring workshops available - Term 4 2023


The Rosebank Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) is offering additional workshops during Term 4 2023. These workshops are available to Rosebank and non-Rosebank students from Years 5-11. Workshops include Junior English, Study Skills, Applied Mathematics & Science, Senior Creative and Essay Writing for Year 10 and 11 students, and Standard and Advanced Mathematics Foundations for Year 11 2024. Workshops for Year 5 and 6 students include Transitioning to High School and Primary English.

All 1-hour workshops will run from the start date through the end of term at a cost of $45/week. Don’t miss out, workshops fill up quickly. For more information please refer to RAMP Term 4 Workshops. Submit your expression of interest via our RAMP Term 4 Workshops Reservation Form.

Ms Danielle Puhlmann

RAMP Manager

📷 EnrichED News

As we finish our last week of term and all the activities related to the graduation, below are some student reflections on the activities of the last two weeks. 

If you had the opportunity to tune into Q&A on the ABC on Monday, 18 September, you may have seen one or two of the 21 students from Years 9-12 who attended the screening of the show. All students spent time developing their questions for the guests, hoping to be chosen to speak.


In exciting news, two Year 7 students are heading off to Melbourne over the break, with Mr Stivaktas, to compete in the RoboCup National Competition. Luca Hall and Oliver Marchingo won the NSW competition in their division and look forward to competing in the same division nationally. Look out for their reflection in next term's edition of the College Newsletter. 


Future Problem Solving 

The Future Problem Solving (FPS) team has made some major progress in the past term. We have installed a compost bin in Rosebank College for the canteen to dispose of their organic waste. Our team is currently maintaining the compost bin and we are planning a Nude Food project to be launched in Term 4. This project will hopefully reduce the amount of single use plastic waste our community produces. An email will be sent out to parents regarding the details of this project; I hope you can support us as we strive to make the College a cleaner, greener more sustainable place of learning. 

In BIG news, we are excited to announce that we have made it to the finals. At the beginning of the school year, the FPS team sent in a submission to the Future Problem Solving national competition. We recently received the good news that we have a part in the final round of the competition. These will be held in Brisbane from 13-15 October where we will present our project, our video and be interviewed about our work. 

Lauren Burrello 
Year 7 

Chess Competition.jpg 

Chess: Terry Shaw Shield One Day Competition  

The Terry Shaw NSW Shield Cup was an enjoyable event that entailed playing six games of chess against the wide variety of schools in attendance. We played in teams of three, with Rosebank entering five teams, two in the Open section and three teams in the Year 7-9 section. There were 111 teams in total so it was a very busy and crowded hall at North Sydney Boys High School. This was a Swiss method competition, with each game lasting a maximum of 40 minutes. The teams were of varying skill levels but with the way in which the competition is organised, you move closer and closer to playing against teams of a similar skill level. After each game there was a 20ish minute intermission where we were able to talk with the other contestants, play friendly matches or replay moves from the competition match. In the competition, my team did well with a score of ten points from a possible eighteen. I had a personal score of four wins from six games which I am proud of, given the high standard of the competition. 

Luke Dunn  
Year 9 

InnovatED Update 

The 2023 InnovatED Showcase is coming sooner than you think, so get ready for 17 November! 

After months of hard work and passionate creativity, on Friday of Term 4 Week 6, the InnovatED Showcase will officially open with lots of projects and research presentations, which the InnovatED students have prepared for you. 

The showcase will be open throughout the school day for students and teachers to view. Other members of the community are invited to drop by the SRSC from 3-4:30pm to have a look at all the wonderful projects our students have to offer!  Teachers, a booking sheet for bringing your class(es) along on November 17 between periods 3 and 6 will be launched early next term. Please pay us a visit! 

Hannah G, Benjamin H, Minal R and Annika W 
InnovatED Student Organising Committee 

CyberTaipan collage.jpg 


The second and final round of CyberTaipan was held on Sunday, September 9. Below are some student reflections on the impact of the training and competition on their knowledge and understanding of cyber security. 

My experience in CyberTaipan has been truly transformative. From the moment I joined, I was welcomed into a community of like-minded individuals who shared a passion for coding and cyber security. Through this amazing course that takes place during PACE, I have not only honed my skills in the Linux Terminal, but I have also improved upon invaluable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. The highlight of CyberTaipan for me was when we were making the website that we were using as our cheat sheet. I had the opportunity to work on something that would be the guide to gaining points quickly in the competition, which was the main focus of the PACE course. The competition is where you use what you know to try and patch as many vulnerabilities as possible on two Linux Virtual Machines. Overall, CyberTaipan has not only enriched my life in the world of cyber security, but helped make the Linux Terminal feel more familiar.  

Kobi Doherty 
Year 7  

Last weekend, 28 intrepid students came to school on a Saturday, to participate in Round 2 of the CyberTaipan Australian Youth Cyber Defence Competition. This is an Australia wide chance to make yourself known to employers in cybersecurity. The competition is setup by CSIRO to do some ‘advance scouting’ on the next generation of white hat hackers (the good guys). The second round of the competition was also much more difficult than the first. We set up out laptops, took out our keyboards, turned on our mice, and fired up the virtual machines for the competition. We worked hard for four hours with only a few short breaks. My team in particular was down a member so we had even more work to do securing the virtual machines. A welcome lunch of Domino's pizza allowed us some more energy, even though we had already been gorging on Skittles and Party Mix. This was my team's second year in the competition and was a great opportunity for us to dip our toes into what a career in cyber security might look like. 

Oskar Ronis  
Year 8

Do you love to code and use a computer? Well the Australian Youth Cyber Defence Competition CyberTaipan may be an activity that you should take part in. During PACE this year I learned how to use Ubuntu and Linux as an operating system and how to read code and modify it, with the help of a team of tech geniuses who were our mentors. They were people from the UTS (University of Technology Sydney) who teach people about how to use Linux for potential careers and are responsible for cyber security at the university. During the term we competed in two rounds of CyberTaipan. The competition requires lots of skills. For instance, you may be asked to find a user that is in a certain group on Ubuntu and you and your team need to use the internet and your knowledge about Linux to figure out what group they are in. I highly recommend doing CyberTaipan if you get the opportunity. It certainly has taught me a lot about Linux and coding and jobs in the tech industry. 

Iggy Taddeo 
Year 7 

Big History 

Big History is a course developed by Macquarie University and available online through Coursera. This course is a broad brush look at everything related to life on Earth from the Big Bang to the current period. The course is organised in such a way that it demonstrates how various specialist areas of knowledge come together to explain the world and our society as we know it.  

The course can be done at your own pace through the various videos, readings and quizzes through to the final essay. It is free unless you wish to obtain certification, which currently costs $65. With certification of completion, students who are in Years 10-12 can submit this with their early entry applications to universities to gain additional advantage in the process. But students of any age with sufficient reading and comprehension skills can attempt the course at any time. 

The course is varied and interesting and provides background that is applicable in most school subjects. Below is Xerinn’s reflection on her successful experience of the course. Anyone interested in completing the course can find more information by contacting Ms Cheryl McArthur via the email below.

The Big History course was extremely thought provoking. It covers a range of different topics throughout the whole history of the universe. Ranging from sciences like chemistry, astrology and biology to human history with philosophy, anthropology and modernity. My favourite aspect of the course was the wide range of topics, allowing me to discover new interests and deepen my understanding of topics I was already familiar with. I liked how well paced the lessons were and how the additional resources given helped me to further understand concepts within the course. The most important thing I learnt in the Big History course was how everything in the universe is connected to each other, the lessons aiding me in broadening my view on the world. To me, the Big History was a very worthwhile and educational experience. 

Xerinn Biglang-Awa 
Year 10 



On Thursday Week 7, four other Rosebank students and I had the opportunity to attend the NSW Philosothon, hosted at Newington College. While there, we participated in three rounds of Community of Inquiry with students from over 10 schools from around NSW. The topics were complex; the issues with democracy (tyranny of the majority), the effect language has on the way we see the world and what protests are considered acceptable when faced with injustice. We spent a number of afternoons researching, meeting to discuss the topics and thinking about all the possible perspectives to consider as we attempted to untangle the arguments about these ideas that were presented in the stimuli. This training and the competition required us to think critically, collaborate and communicate effectively with each other. Overall it was a very engaging and insightful evening, which I highly recommend!  

Eliana Da Silva 
Year 9

Ms Cheryl McArthur  
Gifted Education and iThink Teacher, EnrichED Program Facilitator

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📷 PACE News

Click here to view full Rep and Club Sport results (Term 3)  


Rosebank Rack Up Conference Championships 

On Thursday, 7 September, four Representative Sport teams competed in the SCS Conference 2 Grand Finals. The Boys Junior AFL team went goal for goal against Trinity in the first half. They came alive in the second half and with the wind behind their backs went on a goal scoring spree to take the win 45-24 and claim gold. The Girls Junior AFL team, just one field over, were replicating such dominance as they were up 41-10 at half time. A strong fightback from Woolwich wasn’t enough to deter our girls as they claimed the win 51-45. The Boys Intermediate AFL Grand Final then saw the Rosebank spirit come alive! The boys were fighting hard but just couldn’t break through the Trinity defence. That was until the final 5 minutes of the game where clutch marks and goals from Louis Jones, Xavier Janzer-Parker and Zachary Sandlant sealed the win for Rosebank in the dying minutes.

The Girls Junior Tennis Grand Final was an all-Rosebank affair, with our Junior A’s facing off against our Junior B’s. In a season that was filled with great sportsmanship, teamwork and exemplary training attendance, the Girls Junior A tennis team took out the win.

Congratulations to all Representative Sport teams who represented Rosebank this term. Your hard work, dedication and teamwork is a good reflection of what Rosebank students can achieve. 

REP - Copy.jpg 

Sydney Athletics Championships 

The Rosebank Athletics team has grown in numbers and in strength in 2023. This year saw 46 students progress to the SCS Sydney Athletics Championships after successfully placing at the Conference Carnival. The outstanding team performance saw the girls place 2nd overall from 30 schools and the boys place 4th from 41 schools. This is a sensational achievement given that each school ahead of Rosebank has more students enrolled than we do.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved placings in the Age Championship:

  • Hugo Macri | Junior Boys - 3rd Place
  • Bianka Pavela | Intermediate Girls - 2nd Place
  • Marisa Pavela | Senior Girls - 2nd Place
  • Cormac Ryan | Senior Males MC - 2nd Place


SCS Hockey Championships 

We always knew we had talented hockey players at Rosebank, but this year was the first time that they were able to demonstrate their skills at a representative level at the SCS Hockey Gala Day. The students trained and played with enthusiasm and commitment and showed great finesse on the pitch. Our Junior Boys team took out the championship with a flawless display of skill and teamwork. Congratulations to our teams on their fantastic results and we look forward to continuing to see representative hockey build at Rosebank!

  • Junior Boys - 1st place
  • Intermediate Boys - 2nd place
  • Intermediate Girls - 3rd place

Junior Matildas

Mikayla D.jpg

Mikayla Duong (Year 10 Hayes) is currently overseas in Vietnam representing Australia as part of the Junior Matildas team for the Asian Cup Qualifiers. We wish you all the best for the competition and games ahead Mikaela. Everyone at Rosebank is cheering for you! 

Miss Annalisa Di Bella  
PACE Coordinator (Representative Sport)

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Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations are in order, Rosebank! Another successful year of the Premier's Reading Challenge! Sixty students completed the challenge in 2023 and earned points for their House. The results are as follows based on the number of students from each House who completed the challenge:

unnamed (2).jpg

Don't stop reading, folks! Everything you read now counts toward the challenge for next year. Let's see if the other houses can turn the tables in 2024.

CBCA - Children's Book Council of Australia



The CBCA Book of the Year Awards were announced in August, and for the first time ever the winner for Older Readers is a Graphic Novel! 

Neverlanders by Tom Taylor is "A beautifully presented work, with dark, funny, insightful writing supported by dynamic and powerful images. The story is well-paced, chronicling the journey of a contemporary "found family" tale embedded within the metatextuality of a fantastical Peter Pan narrative. Readers of all ages will appreciate the clever, action-oriented storyline and gloriously rich illustrations, while discerning readers will unpack the hints of the adults' destruction of the world, parental failure, gun violence and domestic violence to add a more serious dimension to the fantasy plot. The characters are believable, and thematic elements of belonging and forgiveness are presented authentically and skillfully. A stunning book with a potent message wrapped up in a ripping good yarn package." Click on this link to borrow a copy for the holidays today.

RU OK.jpg 

R U OK? Day

Libraries have always been seen as a safe haven from the challenges of the world, a quiet space for reflection and respite. The SRSC prides itself on providing just that for the staff and students of Rosebank and while R U OK? Day was recently acknowledged on 14 September, there is an opportunity every day to ask, listen, encourage action and check in with the Rosebank community, especially in the SRSC space. There are quiet reading areas, special interest clubs to connect with others and many books for your informational and spiritual needs. Nevermind the peaceful tranquility provided by the stunning water feature and hanging wall garden. Having a conversation could change a life. Visit for more information. 

Happy Reading! 
SRSC Staff

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Mrs Leanne Plesa

SRSC Library Assistant

Career Pathways


VET Jayden M.jpg

On 8 September, Year 11 student Jayden M attended the VET Excellence Awards Ceremony hosted by The Youth Partnership, held at NSW Parliament.

We would like to congratulate Jayden for receiving the VET Excellence Award for his outstanding achievement in VET Hospitality. Jayden is a Year 11 student who is completing the Year 12 accelerated Hospitality course this year who has displayed outstanding efforts in all components of the course, including practical, theory and work placement. We wish Jayden and the Year 12 accelerated Hospitality class the best of luck with their upcoming HSC Examination!

Ms Hayley De Prima 
Assistant Delaney House Coordinator (Acting) 


Congratulations to the following Vocational Education and Training pathway students who have completed their traineeship, first year apprenticeship or received an excellence award. Their dedication to their career pathway is commendable and we wish them well in the future.

  • Melissa Fayad - Retail Services Traineeship
  • Mia Lachevre - Retail Services Traineeship
  • Tara Clark - Retail Services Traineeship
  • Olivia Georgakopoulos - Human Services Traineeship: Nursing (Acute Care)
  • Max Crisafulli - Construction Apprenticeship: first year
  • Jayden Grasso - Construction Apprenticeship: first year
  • Zachariah (Zac) Moore - Electrician Apprenticeship: first year
  • Domenic Giardina - Retail Services Excellence Award

Year 12 Student applications through the University Admissions Centre 

The UAC Customer Service team is available to take calls on (02) 9752 0200, 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Students can also ask us questions via the website Livechat or online enquiry form

UAC Key dates

  • 18 Sep 2023 11:59pm Schools Recommendation Scheme applications close
  • 29 Sep 2023 11:59pm Early bird processing charge deadline
  • 10 Nov 2023 7:30am Schools Recommendation Scheme early offers released
  • 14 Dec 2023 6:00am HSC results released
  • 14 Dec 2023 9:00am ATARs released
  • 15 Dec 2023 11:59pm December Round 2 change of preference deadline
  • 21 Dec 2023 7:30am December Round 2 offers released
  • 11 Jan 2024 7:30am January Round 1 offers released
  • 2 Feb 2024 11:59pm Applications close for semester 1, 2024


NSW Government Infrastructure Traineeships 

Applications are now open for the following Certificate IV qualification traineeships in:

  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Procurement & Contracting

Who can apply

  • 2023 Year 12 Students
  • 2022 Year 12 Graduates
  • Students who may not have completed Year 12 due to extenuating circumstances should also apply for exemption consideration to the Year 12 completion criteria.

Link to Flyer

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Mrs Angela Pavicic 

Pathways and Partnerships Coordinator

Alumni News

Alumni Reunion Invite - Socials.jpg

Reconnect with fellow past students of Rosebank College and attend the Rosebank Reunion event.   

No matter when your student days ended, there will always be a place for you and your classmates within our alumni community. We recognise that reconnecting with your classmates is an important part of your story.   

We warmly invite all former students to join us at the Rosebank Reunion event on Saturday, 28 October 2023 at 4pm, for afternoon tea. Enjoy our Rosebank Corelli Strings, a College tour and refreshments.   

You are also welcome to stay and attend our Rosebank Archives Opening 6-7pm.   

Book your tickets here.   

Rosebank College actively supports the organisation of school reunions and encourages your Class Reunion Representative planning your reunion dinner after our event to contact our Community Engagement Liaison at   

The College is happy to work with a Class Reunion Representative to help with the promotion of your event through our College newsletter and social media pages, so please ensure details are passed on as early in the planning process as possible.   

Join our alumni social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and register your details through our alumni contact list to stay in the loop.


Class of 1993 Reunion.png


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Mrs Tina Carbone

Community Engagement Liaison