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  • Host families wanted for the Benedictine Exchange Program


We are looking for families (ideally from Stage 5, ie. Year 9 and 10) who are willing to be host families and be back-up host families only for our Benedictine Exchange Program. 

Hosting an international exchange student is a great opportunity to encourage connection in your home, community, and the wider world, cultivating life-long friendships, make a difference in a young person’s life as well as gain a new perspective on your life and have some fun!

Families will host an international student during July/August for 4 weeks. Families will need a separate room for the student, and no expectation for your child to travel in return.

If you are interested, please email by Monday, 13 February.

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Principal's Message

A very warm welcome to the commencement of 2023 as part of the Rosebank community. After the last very disruptive three years, we begin 2023 with optimism. We are proud of the many investments over the past few years that have led to our new facilities, a website launch and the best HSC results we have ever achieved.   

A huge congratulations to Haeohreum Kim, who is our College Dux for 2022.  Haeohreum achieved an ATAR of 98.9. He did this while being committed to many Rosebank initiatives and contributed in an ongoing way to our wonderful culture. I look forward to hearing Haeohreum address our community at the Opening Mass. His insights will be well received by those following in his footsteps. 

While the SMH ranking is a very narrow way to measure the overall success of students, it is one indication of achievement. Rosebank was ranked 102 in NSW, with three students across Music and Italian in the top 10 of the state in their respective courses. Two of these students achieved this whilst in Year 11 as part of our accelerated Italian HSC. An incredible achievement. There were 9 nominations for the HSC showcase across Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Music and Timber. Mathematics continues to rank very highly with Maths Advanced and Maths Extension 1 reported as 26th and Standard 42nd in NSW.  

While the final result in Year 12 is that trophy snapshot, it masks years of investment made by the students themselves, you as parents and carers and, of course, our teachers. Last Friday at our assembly, I reminded our students that commitment and character are the two major drivers here. Learning success is possible for all students when the focus is on continuous improvement rather than high scores. We begin now to analyse the learning growth of every student and apply our learnings to our current students. Click here for a more detailed report for those who missed this at the end of last year. 

We launched our new website and centre of communication, having spent most of last year consulting with parents, students and teachers to come up with a message about Rosebank that show us as being a Catholic, Good Samaritan, Benedictine school that is inclusive, progressive, dynamic and student-centred. As part of our sustainability goals, you can locate our newsletter, prospectus information, online application and Parent Portal here.  

Of course, some initiatives take longer, and the transition to our new ICT platform, TASS, will no doubt provide us with challenges, and already has. Ultimately this system provides us with more opportunities as we adapt to our future. Thank you for your patience while we bring the new system up to speed.  

Initiatives such as 2022 Trivia Night have translated into new outcomes for our students, with the addition of two new futsal/netball courts to our facilities this year.  These courts are due to open to our students in the coming weeks.  I want to thank the P&F, particularly Cara Edwards and Toni Catton, for supporting this initiative. The funds will be used for netting to keep this area safe for our students and neighbours.    

This term, we will celebrate our students' incredible talents through the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This promises to be a celebration of our Performing Arts program, a unique opportunity for so many students to contribute using their remarkable talents. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased here.   

Finally, I want to extend a special welcome to our wonderful Year 7s, who have come in incredibly enthusiastic and open, already demonstrating their wonderful support for their new College. The engagement of our students is a two-way relationship. When our students come open-hearted and ready to give their best, Rosebank continues to thrive. We never take for granted what our students bring to us; in fact, as I say to the students, they are the school and what a wonderful school this is.

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Ms Iris Nastasi


đź“· First day of Year 7

From the Assistant Principal

Welcome to the 2023 school year! 

Last Tuesday, we welcomed back our most senior and junior cohorts – the class of 2023, Year 12 and class of 2028, Year 7. There was certainly a mix of excitement and nervousness in the air as the Year 7 students started their first day of high school, and while some walked through the school gates a little nervous, they all ended the day with a little more confidence about what lies ahead for the remaining 1080 high school days! Thank you to our Year 12 Captains and Year 10 Peer Support Leaders for being on hand to welcome the newest members of our community and to support them through their first day. I can say with confidence that this Rosebank hospitality will remain at the heart of student and parent engagement with the College in the weeks, months and years ahead. 

Parent Welcome and Information Evening 

On Friday, 17 February, the College will welcome all parents on site for the annual Parent Welcome and Information Evening. At this community event, parents will not only receive information specific to each year group, but you will have the opportunity to meet Home Room Teachers, House Coordinators and the Leadership Team in a social setting, enjoying drinks and nibbles in the Benedict Auditorium, hosted by the P&F. We encourage at least one parent from each family to attend. Additional information will be sent out closer to the event date. 

P&F – Guest Speaker Presentation 

The dynamic team at the centre of our Parent and Friends Association (P&F), has lined up a number of informative and relevant guest speakers to present at our 2023 P&F meetings. I invite you all to join College Principal, Iris Nastasi and I on Wednesday, 8 February at 6:30pm in the College SRSC (library) for our first meeting and to hear from Dr Lorraine Cushing-KlĂ©ber, who will be talking with us about "Promoting your Child's Mental Health and Wellbeing - Raising Resilient Adolescents". Please RSVP via this link by this evening. Our P&F meetings are held in an informal and social setting and provide an opportunity to meet new parents and members of staff, to discuss ideas and provide feedback through the year. For more information on upcoming guest speakers, or finding out more about how you can volunteer your support at one of the P&F and College events through the year, please contact the team at

Opening Assembly 

The College Opening Assembly not only gave us the opportunity to welcome all staff and students back for the start of the year, but to present our new students with their House badges and just in time, as our House Captains would need every student ready to cheer at the Swimming Carnival taking place today. At the assembly, we also inducted representatives from Years 8 to 11 into Student Representative Council (SRC) and we congratulate them on taking up this mantle of leadership for 2023. Year 7 students will have their first opportunity to demonstrate their leadership qualities during the Year 7 Camp in Week 4, after which, two Year 7 representatives per House will join their peers as members of the SRC. With student leadership at Rosebank centred on Christ-like servant leadership, the students who make up the SRC form just one of the bridges that connect the student body and bring a cohesive student voice to the College Leadership Team. 

We were also treated to a small taste of what the College Musical has in store for us later this term. Make sure that you have booked your tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory via this link, as it promises to be delicious! 

Click here to view the recording of the Opening Assembly.


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Mr Paul Hardwick

Assistant Principal

From the P&F

Late last year we welcomed new members to the expanded P&F Committee and we are excited about the year ahead.  We are very much looking forward to meeting new and existing families at the upcoming events.  

This week, we hope you can join us for the first P&F meeting of the year on Wednesday, 8 February at 6.30pm in the SRSC (library), and also at the Welcome and Information Evening at the school on Friday, 17 February.  I was a Year 7 parent last year and meeting others at events like these really helped make it an easier transition.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved in the College community and to meet other parents. To see what opportunities are available and register your interest in lending a hand, please click here.  We work closely with the college and so many hands make light work. Each event is a lot of fun and helps to connect our parent community, as well as contribute extra resources for our children.

Hope to see you soon,

Ms Cara Edwards

P&F Liaison

We are part of a wonderful tradition!

166 years ago on 2 February 1857, five women - Gertrude Byrne, Magdalen Adamson, De Sales Maloney, Agnes Hart, Teresa Clarke - were clothed in the Benedictine habit as Oblate Sisters of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict. And so began a journey that has led us to this place on this day.  We are all a part of the Good Samaritan story.  On the Christian calendar, 2 February is the feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. In the gospel for the feast we read that Mary and Joseph presented their first-born child, Jesus, to God, as required by the Law of Moses.  It was an offering of their greatest treasure to the God who had given it to them in the first place.  Jesus comes into the Temple, the house of his Father, in the arms of Mary and Joseph, the Light of revelation that will shine out through the whole world. 

Good Samaritans, like many religious families, traditionally mark the beginning of the religious life on this feast. It is a  profound statement where an individual freely offers their life in service to the God who gave them life in the first place. It is a day of new beginnings, a day when light shines forth. 

It is a day of family and community. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a family, are welcomed and acknowledged by Simeon and Anna, a part of a community that had waited patiently for that moment for many years.  The community of Rosebank is not so different.  On Friday we welcomed into our extended family and community our Year 7s and several other new students joining other years. Our new students bring a new light into our family and community.  They also bring new energy and enthusiasm; freshness of perspective and joy.  We can only be a better family and community because of our new members.  May they be a blessing  and source of light for Rosebank. 

The image above (today the corner of Eddy Avenue and Pitt Street)  is one of the few surviving images of the original Carters Barracks (central low building) where the first sisters lived.  The whole site was demolished in 1901 as part of the building of Central Railway Station. In the Carters Barracks the first Good Samaritans began their life journey to prefer nothing whatever to Christ.  They completed their journey when they were brought to rest in the cemetery at Rosebank and now as our “saints in residence” watch over and care for us.

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Dr Paul O’Shea

Dean of Ministry

From the Dean of Learning

Welcome back to students, parents, staff and the wider community. This year the Deanery of Learning has had some changes and I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of them. Mr Smith has been appointed the new Assistant Dean of Learning (Senior School) and Mr Couani, who is new to the College, has been appointed as the Assistant Dean of Learning (Middle School). Mr Couani will join our College on 7 March 2023, in the meantime Ms Speke will be overseeing this role. Additionally, I will be taking over the role of Dean of Learning from Mr Murphy. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Mr Murphy’s leadership and I thank him for his support as I was transitioning into the role at the end of last year.

Congratulations to the class of 2022  
The College was extremely proud of the class of 2022 for their outstanding HSC results. A summary of the HSC results can be located by clicking here. We would like to congratulate Haeohreum Kim on receiving the award for the College Dux. Additionally, the College community will have the opportunity to hear from Haeohreum at Opening College Mass on Friday, 10 February.  

In addition to this, and to support our Stage 6 students, the College has invited students who demonstrated high growth or achieved outstanding results back to the College to talk to our students via the Benedictine Academy, which is held during PACE on Thursday afternoons. We look forward to continuing to utilise the talents of our Alumni to foster the College’s learning environment.

Assessment Tasks  
The College Assessment Handbooks for Years 7-11 will be placed on the portal by the end of Week 3. We remind parents and carers when applying for leave to check this assessment calendar thoroughly as unapproved leave may have an impact on the overall mark for the year. Additionally, we ask parents and carers not to make assumptions about the assessment process and use the assessment handbook to inform themselves of these procedures. These will also be stipulated at the Parent Welcome and Information Evening on Friday, 17 February.

Year 11 Subject Changes  
Students in Year 11 who wish to change their subjects are required to apply to Mr Smith in person in the Learning office. Students will have from Monday, 13 February until Friday, 24 February to complete this process. The change of subject form can be located on the Student Portal.


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Mr Greg Georgiou

Dean of Learning

Italian Language success

Congratulations Accelerated Italian students

Congratulations to the Italian students who sat the Italian Continuers and Italian Extension HSC examinations last year. The acceleration program at the College continues to flourish, not only bringing academic excellence but allowing the students to gain a head start in their studies and form lasting friendships with mentors in Year 12. 

(Left to right) Lyla Michell, Stella Vardanega, Matilda Meidling, Alissa Vitaliti, Simona Caputi, Amelie Filippi, Sara Simeoni Chloe Evola Alessia Ferrigo. (Lyla, Stella, Matilda, Sara and Chloe all accelerated from Year 10)

Some notable highlights from last year’s results are: 

  • 100% of the Italian Extension students received an E4 (the top band for this course), and they were all one year accelerated. 
  • Gianluca Arlotta from the Italian Extension class received a state ranking, coming 2nd in the state. 
  • Gabriel Giuntoli from the Italian Extension class received a state ranking, coming 3rd in the state. 
  • The Italian Continuers class at Rosebank had 5 accelerated students from Year 10. They all received top bands in the state.


Italian Extension

The Year 11 accelerated students who sat the Italian Extension course 2022 received phenomenal success! These students are now entering Year 12, having already successfully completed 3 units, receiving the top band for each course!


Gianluca Arlotta


Gabriel Giuntoli


Eve Canale

  • 2021: Italian Continuers (2 years accelerated) BAND 6 
  • 2022: Italian Extension (1 year accelerated) E4
  • State Ranking (2nd in the state)
  • 2021: Italian Continuers (2 years accelerated) BAND 6 
  • 2022: Italian Extension (1 year accelerated) E4
  • State Ranking (3rd in the state)
  • 2021: Italian Continuers (2 years accelerated) BAND 6 
  • 2022: Italian Extension (1 year accelerated) E4

These students are to be congratulated for their diligence, perseverance, and their passion for the Italian language. Bravissimi! 

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Mrs Maria Philpotts

Italian Teacher

Diverse Learning News

Welcome back to a new year packed full of opportunities for high potential learners to engage their brains, spread their wings and indulge their passions. 

Starting the year off for senior students is an opportunity to engage with the authors of the Uluru Statement From the Heart. Megan Davis and Pat Anderson will be at UNSW on the evening of Monday, February 27 presenting the Gandhi Oration, specifically addressing the issues being raised about the Voice to Parliament Referendum. Interested senior students from Years 10-12 are invited to contact Ms McArthur via the email below if they wish to attend. This is a free public event.

InspirED Activities and Booklet 
High potential learners should be on the lookout for the InspirED booklet, a link to which will appear in your inbox in the near future. Please take the time to discuss the opportunities and apply for all those you are interested in. Completing the survey about your interests also linked in the booklet helps forward planning for additional opportunities in the future. 

Some activities have already started: 

Future Problem Solving (FPS) 
If you are interested in working collaboratively to solve wicked problems in your community, FPS is the opportunity for you. After training in the six-step problem solving process during PACE (Term 1), you and your team are then supported to apply it to a problem of your choice. If you wish, your team has the opportunity to compete against other schools. If you are interested contact Ms McArthur at the email below and click here to view the website.

In recognition of the strong chess results at the College, this year in PACE Chess we have been joined by a professional coach during Term 1. This opportunity is open to anyone with an interest in improving their chess skills. Apply through Ms McArthur via the email below.


Ethics Olympiad  
Discussions to prepare a team for the Senior School Ethics Olympiad are underway. With eight fascinating ethical dilemmas to pull apart, we want as many brains in the room during PACE as possible. More perspectives, more opinions, more possible solutions all help the team of five to put their best argument forward in this global competition. Junior students are welcome to join in the fun as it is excellent preparation for the Middle School Competition in November.

Reach Out 
Harking back to last year, congratulations go out to Olivia Locke and Elyse Lapi who through their InnovatED Project developed a website to highlight the long term impact for survivors of violence in the home. Their Reach Out project included fundraising for items essential in helping families fleeing violence to start a new home. With the support of the Rosebank College community these students raised over $620 in less than four weeks. For Olivia, Elyse and a handful of their friends, the first few days of the holidays were spent shopping and packing ten hampers with appliances, utensils, crockery, linen and other essential items. Thank you to the Vinnie’s Harris Park Community Hub for dispersing these hampers in time for Christmas.  

For more information about the above opportunities, please email 

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Ms Cheryl McArthur

Gifted Education Teacher

đź“· From the Dean of PACE

Welcome to PACE 2023 at Rosebank. As usual it is busy and it is busy almost right from day 1! 

Thursday PACE began on 3 February with Years 7 and 8 engaging in House Sport activities and all of our representative teams either training or completing trials for Term 1 - Sydney Catholic Schools Sport. Years 9 and 10 were introduced to the range of options available to them and the registration form for these activities opened on Friday at 8:30am. Years 11 and 12 were introduced to the revised Benedictine Academy. The program has been tinkered with for 2023 after feedback from staff and students. Students will have the opportunity to select a specific subject to study on Thursday afternoons and in doing so will have access to a teacher who has expertise in HSC for that subject. We have also included an option for physical activity for those students who would like to get out and about a bit during this time. 

Stay tuned for updates on the House Swimming Carnival and our representative teams over the next few weeks. Information regarding Public Speaking will be sent out shortly as well as other special groups and events.

Mr Stuart Hanrahan

Dean of Physical and Cultural Engagement


Club Sport Update

Our club baseball competition continued this past week after the holiday period. Our Rosebank teams continue to develop and improve with good results. Three games were played resulting in one win and two very close losses. The team will be doing extra pitching and catching practice in the Rosebank cricket nets this week to further strengthen player development.


Mr Jason Amos   
PACE Administrator and Club Sports Coordinator

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award 

Congratulations to the following students who have recently completed their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Well done on completing the various hours and requirements for the Physical Recreation, Skills, Voluntary Service and Adventurous Journey components of your Award. 

Bronze Award: Xavier Gibbs, Gianluca Arlotta, Dakota Hammond 

Silver Award: Zak Tuohy 

Play Club Netball for Rosebank! 

Registrations for girls and boys to play club netball for Rosebank in 2023 close tomorrow, Tuesday, 7 February. The Rosebank club netball teams participate in the Inner West Netball Association (IWNA) winter competition. There are suitable teams for players of all levels and abilities and no previous experience in the sport is necessary. Click here for more information and to register.

Ms Maryanne Di Bella   
PACE Coordinator - Cultural and Diverse Activities


Sydney Catholic Schools Sport Trials 

Students have the opportunity to represent Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) in a number of sports throughout the year. These are not Rosebank representative teams, however are part of the NSW Catholic Schools Sport pathway. If selected into this team, students will represent SCS at the NSWCCC Championships/Trials and be eligible for selection into the NSWCCC team. Students must play the sport at a representative/association level outside of school in order to nominate. Completing this form does not guarantee attendance at the trials. Once the expression of interest form is complete, the College will then determine if the student is eligible to trial in conjunction with SCS discretion. 

Those who are interested are encouraged to complete the expression of interest form before the relevant closing date. No late entries can be accepted. Expression of Interest Form.

  • SCS Girls 15 years Touch Football - closes Monday, 6 February 
  • SCS Girls Opens Touch Football  - closes Monday, 6 February 
  • SCS Boys 15 years Touch Football - closes Monday, 6 February 
  • SCS Boys Opens Touch Football - closes Monday, 6 February 
  • SCS Boys 15 years Rugby League - closes Wednesday, 15 February 
  • SCS Boys Opens Rugby League - closes Wednesday, 15 February 
  • SCS Girls Opens Rugby League - closes Wednesday, 15 February 
  • SCS Boys Opens 19s Football (Soccer) - closes Monday, 27 February 
  • SCS Girls Opens 18s Football (Soccer) - closes Monday, 27 February 
  • SCS Boys AFL (Year 8-10) - closes Monday, 6 March 
  • SCS Girls 15 years Netball - closes Thursday, 9 March 
  • SCS Girls Opens Netball - closes Thursday, 9 March 
  • SCS Girls 16 years Rugby League - closes Tuesday, 20 June


NSWCCC Sport Trials 

NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (NSWCCC) teams are part of the elite sports pathway, and is the state level representative team for Catholic school students in NSW. These are not Rosebank representative teams, however are part of the School Sport Australia Sport pathway. If selected into this team, students will represent the NSWCCC team at NSW All Schools competitions. Students must play the sport at a representative or state level outside of school in order to nominate. Those who are interested in nominating to trial or want more information about a sport/s please: 

Ms Annalisa Di Bella   
PACE Coordinator - Representative Activities



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Caulfield House Update


Caulfield House is thrilled to share the news that James Valanidas (Year 8)  has been cast in the Sydney season of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.  The production will be taking place in the magnificent Capitol Theatre and James will be performing alongside some of Australia’s most talented musical theatre performers including Paulini, Euan Fistrovic Doidge and Trevor Ashley. We are very proud of James and we wish him all the best for a fabulous production.  As they say in showbiz, “Chookas, James!” 

Ms Heather Clark

Caulfield House Coordinator (Acting)


Premier's Reading Challenge

We're back! The Premier's Reading Challenge is too! The challenge is open for student entries from 27 February 2023. Year 7 students will receive their new Rosebank login very soon. You cannot use your primary school login. Students can include any books they have read since the end of the 2022 challenge on to their 2023 reading records. This year you can include up to ten personal choice books and five books from an approved series. For more PRC rules click here. The PRC is open to all students in Years 7-10.

Certificates and medals for 2022 have arrived and will be distributed via House meetings shortly. Congratulations to everyone who participated last year! We recorded five extra students participating in the challenge from 2021. Let's see if we can register more this year!

New Books and eBooks

Please click on this link to view the latest books and ebooks recently added to Destiny. Students can log in and place holds on items immediately. Don't forget if we don't have the book you are looking for you are welcome to make a recommendation to add it to our collection.



Overdue Books

2023 has begun and that means a new year of reading delightful and delicious stories with your English classes. You will be issued a new novel almost immediately but we are still waiting for so many to be returned from last year! PLEASE return all outstanding novels ASAP! Check your bags, check your lockers and look all over the house! If you're not sure if you still have books out you can email SRSC staff and we will surely let you know.

Holiday Reading

Did you read something exciting over the holidays? A novel, a comic, a newspaper, a website, a blog, a street sign? Whatever it was, we want to hear about it! We have brand new book recommendation cards in the library for staff and students to share what they love to read. Next time you are visiting the SRSC, why not fill one out? You never know, you just might find another person who loves the same niche mystery series as you, or someone who lives for books by Brandon Sanderson or a fellow #cohort (Fan of Colleen Hoover romance novels) maybe? Here's a staff recommendation we prepared earlier:

New Staff

Finally, we introduce Ms Monika Gyi to the SRSC team. We hope that you will make her feel very welcome at Rosebank.

Wishing you a successful and productive term with lots of fun stuff in between. 

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Mrs Leanne Plesa

Library Technician SRSC

Alumni Excellence Award

Alumni Excellence Award recipients are game-changers and trailblazers, pioneers in their field and fearless in their endeavours. They are inspirational and their impact is creating a brighter future for all. Past winners include humanitarians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more.

Nominations can be made by staff, students, alumni and any member of the public, for both professional and personal alumni achievements. Simply click here to nominate.

To find out more, read our criteria and nomination and selection process.

Nominations close on Friday, 3 March 2023 at 4pm.

Mrs Tina Carbone

Community Engagement Liaison

Community Links