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The Uniform Shop will be open from 8am - 12:45pm on Wednesday, 15 November (not 11:30 am - 4pm). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • The Uniform Shop and the online Uniform Shop will be closed for stocktake on Tuesday, 28 November and Wednesday, 29 November.
  • The Uniform Shop and the online Uniform Shop will re-open from Thursday, 30 November.

Mrs Karen Yadran
Uniform Shop Manager

Principal's Message

The Case for Co-educational Schools

I regularly hear how important it is to empower young women, but with this comes a message that all-girls schools are the only place this can happen.

I couldn’t agree more about the importance of giving young women the voice and room they need to be the strong and confident adults of the future. I also see that single-sex schools have historically played a significant role in this, and many do this extremely well. However, I disagree that this can only happen in an all-girls environment, and I would argue further that it has an even greater impact when it is done well in a co-educational school.  

In a co-educational context, young women have the opportunity to lead and be heard not just by their female peers but also by their male peers. Realising the importance of female voices when boys are in the room or across the table is incredibly powerful and important. I read articles that champion all girls' education because of how wonderful it is to have women at every leadership table. I would say it's more than that. This is a basic expectation and should happen also in co-educational schools. On behalf of co-educational schools, this is our work, too, and we know this.

Pictured left: Father Dan with students at our Evangelisation Day last Friday.

And what about the young men here? How can we avoid the unconscious or deliberate bias that occurs in a place that doesn’t understand the needs of all young people? It is crucial for boys to be nurtured in a culture of respect, where they hear the same language, rise to the same expectations and see us all work together and across genders. I believe that we can grow good men with women in the room, and it is important for young women to see this in action too. 

Of course, there are challenges. We need to avoid perpetuating stereotypes and patterns of negative behaviour that reflect our whole society. And yes, there are times we do separate the boys from the girls, particularly in pastoral or dealing with some sensitivities. We are never perfect, but we must lead with a mindset that continually tests and adapts, listens and responds to the evolving needs of our students. This is an ongoing challenge. There is a language to teach, a culture to nurture, tensions to unravel, but that's all part of the education. 

Bringing boys and girls together must be done around a meaningful purpose, and what is a better purpose than learning and leadership? I am always incredibly proud to watch my graduates lead their graduation ceremonies, make their addresses, collect awards, cheer each other on, and finally dance and high-five each other as they exit into a world they expect to perpetuate and reflect those values. And I know they will call it out if they don’t see it. 

The world is a place of learning and is co-educational. Avoiding or breaking down stereotypes is easy if you only have one gender, but the challenge is always that it happens in a world where everyone participates.

Ms Iris Nastasi 


From the Assistant Principal

The College was recently invited by the Kokoda Track Memorial Board to attend a ceremony in commemoration of Kokoda Day. It was a privilege to be joined at this event by three of our Year 12 History students and members of our student leadership team, Madeleine Newman (Brady House Captain), Emma Speranza (College Vice Captain, Ministry) and Iban Occhiuzzi (History Captain), to lay a wreath and to listen to a special message sent from His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.  

In preparation for Remembrance Day over the weekend, the College as a whole-school community, paused at 11:11am on Friday, 10 November, for a moving tribute delivered by our students. We also take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all members of the extended Rosebank community, who are serving in the Defence Force and those who have sacrificed before them. Lest we forget.

From left to right: Mr Paul Hardwick, Madeleine Newman, Iban Occhiuzzi and Emma Speranza

Term 4 P&F Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday, 8 November the College hosted the Term 4 P&F Annual General Meeting. Valuable feedback from our P&F Liaison, members of the Advisory Committee and the Rosebank Communication and Engagement Team, has been taken on board for 2024, which will see a move away from traditional P&F roles and see the introduction of a ‘micro-volunteering’ P&F model. This model will provide a greater number of low-commitment opportunities for parent volunteers, on an event-by-event basis through the year, without the need to commit to a role for a full year. The strength of this type of involvement was certainly in evidence at the 2023 Open Day, where over 100 parent volunteers played a pivotal role in the success of that event.  

At the commencement of 2024, a list of Rosebank events will be shared with our parent community, allowing parents to volunteer their time to assist at a specific event, or events suitable to their availability and interest. The College will continue to hold P&F parent information events each term, with guest speakers invited to present to our parents around topics of specific interest and benefit to our community. Parents are encouraged to submit relevant suggestions for presentation topics to

I want to thank all of the parents and friends of the College who have volunteered their time and their efforts to the P&F this year, whether cooking a BBQ, picking up donations, baking a cake or helping out in any other way – your contributions have been greatly appreciated. A very special thank you is extended to Cara Edwards, Binh Pham, Tim Nelson, Toni Catton, Carmel Meade, Antonella Mifsud, Francesca Raiti, Luisa Iskra, Lindy Sivyer, Lorraine Kavanagh, Rebecca Neilson, Sally Tagoe-Swanson and Sandra Russo, who have been selfless in going above and beyond to ensure that our P&F activities in 2023 have been a success. We could not have done it without you.

I wish the Class of 2023 an unforgettable evening at the Year 12 Formal tonight and in their wake, look forward to welcoming the new 2024 Year 7 cohort to Rosebank on Wednesday for their Orientation Day.

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Mr Paul Hardwick

Assistant Principal


Man the Balloon Drama Production: This Thursday and Friday

You are warmly invited to the 2023 Rosebank College Drama production of “Man the Balloon” by Matt Cameron. Students have been rehearsing weekly since Term 2 and will perform in this full-scale play this Thursday, 16 November and Friday, 17 November 2023. This is a great opportunity for Senior Drama students to gain valuable performance experience and for parents to join us in celebrating their tremendous talents.

  • Date: Thursday, 16 November and Friday, 17 November 2023
  • Venue: Montserrat Theatre, Rosebank College
  • Time: 6:30pm to 9pm 
  • RSVP: Tickets are $10 each. Book now!
Surrealism: Year 8 Visual Arts

Our Year 8 Visual Arts students have delved into the surreal, drawing inspiration from Salvador Dalí and René Magritte. Under the influence of the surrealism movement, students have blended dream and reality to create thought-provoking surrealist collages. With a range of magazine pictures and scissors in hand, they skillfully crafted artworks that challenge the conventional norms of reality. In the spirit of Dalí and Magritte, our students have embraced the unconventional, provoking viewers to question the world around them and find the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

ARTEXPRESS nominations

ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by NSW Visual Arts students for the HSC examination. This year, Rosebank College is proud to announce that two of our students, Liza Arndell, for her lino printing series and Mia Lachevre, for her film, have received ARTEXPRESS nominations. This prestigious recognition spotlights their exceptional artistic talent and dedication to the Visual Arts during their course throughout the year.

We congratulate these students and their teachers Ms Leal and Ms Mojsiejuk for this remarkable achievement. Rosebank is so very proud of your talent and hard work!

Ms Aimee Leal
Visual Arts & Photography and Digital Media Teacher 

The Music Soiree

The Music Soiree evening is an annual event that allows students enrolled in the Private Instrumental Program to showcase their musical talents and progress over the year. This event serves as a platform for students to gain essential performance experience in a relaxed and informal setting, while also performing in front of an audience.

The Music Soiree not only highlights the musical skills of the students but also plays a significant role in nurturing their self-confidence. It allows them to receive recognition and support from their family and friends for the dedication and countless hours they have invested in practicing their instruments. It also fosters a sense of camaraderie among the students, as they have the chance to appreciate and applaud one another's musical achievements.

The Music Soiree, held on Tuesday, 6 November was no exception; highlighting the musical talents of students in Years 7 to 11. An enthusiastic and supportive audience was in attendance and it was a delightful evening where the Rosebank private music students shone. 

Mrs Biljana Valdovinos
CAPA Administration Assistant

Science News

Science Club is a wonderful opportunity for Year 7 students at Rosebank to engage themselves in a world of discovery and curiosity; conducting fun and freaky experiments every Friday in J212 during Break 2. Previously, students have created flying tea bags, walking rainbows, flaming strings of steel wool, and even homemade ice cream. As they conduct these experiments, they are able to learn the scientific processes and explanations behind each phenomenon, further strengthening their passion, understanding, and inquiry into science as a whole.

For Halloween, Year 7s were stirring up bubbling, fizzling, and erupting cauldrons of slime! Everyone was involved and excited as they stirred sticky concoctions and poured in ingredients, watching closely for the chemical reaction to occur with avid eyes. When the cauldrons suddenly began overflowing at an alarming rate, giggles and cheers were infectious, happiness oozing like the “potions” that were bubbling, popping, and spilling into sinks.

I believe it to be absolutely wonderful of Rosebank to offer clubs and opportunities like these for our younger students where they are exposed to how wild, interesting, and unpredictable our natural world can be. From there, they may be enkindled to learn how fun it can be to be a scientist, to ponder, study, and try to understand the chaotic and spectacular spectacles that are our surroundings.

Jasmine Azizi 

Year 12 Science Curriculum Captain


In a world of culinary innovation, there is nothing quite like a beautifully crafted dessert. Two teams of Year 9 Food Technology students recently demonstrated their creative skills by collaboratively putting together 12 exact portions of a Berry Tart. Each group created their tart shells and had access to a variety of ingredients to express their creative freedom. They used their knowledge and skills gained from this term's Food Service and Catering unit and put teamwork to the test. Each tart was a visual masterpiece worthy of a place in a MasterChef Kitchen! Well done Year 9, we look forward to more culinary adventures in the future.

Mrs Rosalie Gossow
TAS Teacher

One of the first sustainable programmes for supermarkets was an initiative that would see an end to plastic bags. In 2023 the initiative involved making bags out of scrap material and then leaving the bag in the stores for people to borrow and return in lieu of plastic. Whilst the initiative had some teething issues and the ‘boomerang’ didn’t always come back it was pioneering in starting the discussion around sustainability.

Year Eight students at Rosebank designed and sewed a number of ‘Boomerang Bags’ that were donated to Marrickville Metro in an initiative to support sustainability in the community. We are so proud of their commitment to the environment.

Mrs Maree Lucas
TAS Teacher


View the full Rep and Club Sport results (Term 4) here


The annual Sydney Catholic Schools Sports Awards were held on Thursday 9th November at Southern Cross College, Burwood. These awards recognsise high level of sporting acheivement during the year.

Congratulations to the following award recipients: 

  • Cameron Duong (Year 12 Hayes) - Certificate of Sporting for his selection and representation in the NSWCCC and NSW All Schools Football (Soccer) team
  • Adriano Sorrentino (Year 9 Adamson) - Certificate of Sporting for his selection and representation in the NSWCCC and NSW All Schools Swimming team
  • Elyse Lapi (Year 8 O’Connor) - Sporting Excellence Award for her achievements in Jiu-Jitsu
  • Sam Cassaniti (Year 8 O’Connor) - Sporting Excellence Award for his achievements in Jiu-Jitsu

Congratulations to the following students who represented Rosebank at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships from the 23rd - 25th September at Sydney Olympic Park:

  • Lucas Duong (Year 10 Hayes) - Boys 15 Years 200m, 400m
  • Ledia Ekoue (Year 12 Brady) - Girls 17 Years 100m, 200m
  • Hugo Macri (Year 9 Vaughan) - Boys 14 Years 100m, 100m Hurdles, 200m
  • Bianca Pavela (Year 10 Brady) - Girls 15 Years Long Jump, 100m, 200m
  • Marisa Pavela (Year 12 Brady) - Girls 17 Years Long Jump, High Jump
  • Claudia Peterie (Year 11 Adamson) - Girls 17 Years 3000m

Ms Annalisa Di Bella   
PACE Coordinator (Cultural and Diverse Activities)

PACE General News

The PACE Department is busily planning for 2024, especially given that the College Swimming carnival is scheduled for Monday 5 February. All students must ‘Sign Up’ for the Swimming Carnival via TASS Student Café. This will trigger an email to parents to ‘Approve’. All parents MUST provide ‘Approval’ as this grants permission for attendance and confirms permission for the chosen travel option.

Please keep an eye out for emails asking you to complete tasks on TASS. You will also note that you can now see PACE and other activities listed in the Extra-Curricular section of TASS with more things such as Awards and Leadership Positions set to flow through in 2024. Scroll to ‘Extra-Curricular’ on the left menu and you should see all of the activities that your child participated in during 2023. All students will be given an opportunity to check this prior to the end of the year to ensure the list is accurate.

Thank you for your patience and assistance as we navigate our way through TASS and as we endeavour to use all suitable features.

Mr Stuart Hanrahan 
Dean of Physical and Cultural Engagement

Another update from the EcoWarriors

Our PACE group, the EcoWarriors, have been running the Return and Earn program at Rosebank College this semester. Each term we aim to raise $180 to sponsor an endangered animal. We are pleased to confirm that we have managed to sponsor a koala and a tiger this semester and now have our sights firmly set on sponsoring a penguin. We would like to thank the entire College community for proactively placing their cans and bottles in the House Return and Earn bins, as such proactively assisting us in our cause.

We are looking forward to another year of sustainable success in 2024!

Miss Lucy Monti and the EcoWarriors

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📷 EnrichED News

InnovatED Showcase

The annual InnovatED Showcase is on this Friday (November 17) in the SRSC. Interested community members, parents and family members of participating students are invited to the Showcase from 3:15pm. Awards will be announced between 4:30 and 5pm.

For a preview of what will be on show visit the Student Organising Committee’s website.

Nude Food Challenge continues!

The Nude Food Challenge will be continuing at Rosebank every Monday until Week 7 during Term 4.

The objective of this challenge is to encourage our students to help reduce packaging waste. We believe that embracing a healthier lifestyle and promoting environmental awareness is a great way to inspire our students towards a better future and what better way to do it than through a friendly competition? The House with the highest number of students participating in the challenge will be awarded a significant number of house points.

We kindly ask that you help us encourage your child to participate in the Nude Food Challenge: send food in reusable containers and avoid single-use plastics like cling wrap, freezer bags, and zip lock bags. We appreciate your support.

Future Problem Solvers (Year 7)

Sydney Peace Prize

From left to right: Holly Birmingham, Isabelle Campion, Adelaide Brokenshire, Elizabeth Day and Jayden Wong

On the evening of Thursday, 2 November, as part of the College Colloquy, myself and three other students, accompanied by Ms McArthur, were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend the 25th Sydney Peace Prize at the Sydney Town Hall. The award was given to Nazaneen Boniadi, the Iranian born social justice activist and actress, famous for her roles in the Lord Of The Rings and How I Met Your Mother but also a deserving award winner, as her work raising awareness and trying to improve the status and treatment of women and girls in Iran has been inspiring and instrumental in making changes. She is a prime example of someone who continues to seek peace and act on the injustices within our own world.

For decades, Ms Boniadi has used her fame and platform to stand as a strong advocate for women’s rights in Iran. Following the tragic death of 22-year-old Iranian women Jina Mahsa Amini, she helped pave the way in bringing the human rights of women and others in Iran into clear focus on the world stage. She has advocated at the highest levels; the UN Security Council, the US Senate Human Rights Caucus, the British Parliament, Australian Senate Enquiries, and forums across the globe.

The event proved itself to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, allowing us to witness the works of Ms Boniadi as well as connect with the problems she aims to solve. We were met with unbelievable stories of Iranian women who have experienced severe brutality and hardship at the hands of the Iranian government. As part of the event, Ms Boniadi was joined by Iranian journalist and author, Shokoofeh Azar, Australian-born Middle Eastern political scientist Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert – recently released from 804 days of Iranian imprisonment, and Iranian singer, Gelarah Pour for a panel discussion about the experiences of Iranian women, hosted by Jan Fran. We were also treated to a beautiful performance of the Iranian song called ‘Hangman’ provided by Gelarah Pour, which deeply resonated with the audience allowing us to picture the events and experiences that these women have gone and continue to go through. We all admire the work that Ms Boniadi has done and we are very grateful for this opportunity to learn about the injustices within our world and feel empowered to consider how anyone is capable of promoting and advocating for the cause of peace. 

Jayden Wong (Yr12)

Free-Thinkers Forum

From left to right: Alicia Hutapea, Adelaide Brokenshire & Fletcher Onley

On Tuesday November 7, the annual Free-Thinkers Forum was held at Rosebank College. Nine senior students were very fortunate to be able to be a part of in-depth, challenging discussions on topics chosen by ourselves and eight other schools from as far away as Wollongong and Newcastle.

We heard 10 speeches on topics ranging from the ever-present issue of climate change and its effects on Australia, to the controversy around freedom of speech, consent, the invasion of privacy through the use of technology, the manipulation of the human genome, and a highly engaging speech about the importance of talking about menstrual cycles. After each group of speeches we were able to raise points that were of importance to us, or statements made by the speaker that we wanted to question further in a whole group discussion with over 70 of our peers.  

After this exciting round of speeches, we participated in a tense crossing-the-floor discussion about an ethical dilemma. The questions were based on a scenario in which a controversial government leak has occurred. We were asked to place ourselves in the shoes of a journalist who must decide whether to abide by their own moral code, protect the source of the information or seek justice for others. Although this led to some healthy disagreements, it ultimately led to a discussion of the motivations for making their choices in a situation where there is often no right answer. It was incredibly interesting to see why certain people made particular decisions, and how their opinions changed based on what others raised in the discussion.

Adelaide Brokenshire and Madeleine Newman (Year 12)

Book Launch: Write a Book in a Day

Team Blue Ovens

You may recall that in Term 2, 21 students from Years 7-11, were involved in the Write a Book in a Day Event. Over the course of Term 2 they spent time fundraising for the Kids’ Cancer Project and honing their writing skills with Ms Whiticker. 

This culminated in a 12-hour marathon of collaborating and writing, to illustrate, edit and publish three books to be distributed to children in hospitals across Australia. The competition has finally closed, and to honour the students involved the College will be hosting a Book Signing Soiree in the College SRSC on Wednesday 29, November from 3:15 to 4:30pm. Parents and families of the students involved will receive an invitation but community members are invited to join us to celebrate the students efforts; please hold the date!

Team Rose Booquettes

Team Zaglock

Ms Cheryl McArthur  
Gifted Education and iThink Teacher, EnrichED Program Facilitator

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📷 Career Pathways

2022 Graduates Excel in Apprenticeship Pathway

The increasing demand for skilled workers in various industries has seen a greater number of students pursuing apprenticeship pathways, both in their senior study pattern and post school.

This week I became aware of a Rosebank family business, Terry’s Electrical Services, employing three of our 2022 graduates. Our special thank you to the Bertuccio family for their support of the College and congratulations to the students listed below, of whom Rosebank is very proud.

Pictured above:

  • Charlie Morris - 1st year Apprentice working at Barangaroo new Metro Station
  • Raven Hassse - 1st year Apprentice - Junior Engineering Team
  • Josh Broome - 1st Year Apprentice working at the New Western Sydney Airport

Mrs Angela Pavicic 

Pathways and Partnerships Coordinator 

Italian News

Congratulations to the Year 12 Italian Accelerated students!

Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who sat their HSC Italian Continuers Examinations on Monday 30, October as accelerated students.  

These students are working two years beyond their years and have displayed an amazing level of commitment, maturity and courage. We are very proud of them and we wish them every success in their HSC results. 

From left to right: Thomas Canale, Francesco Tummina, Nash Boswell, Angelica Zappala, Lachlan Ledda, Milena Milovanovic, Isabella Giuntoli, Victoria D’Souza, Alessia Iacovitti and Daniele Milazzo.

Bravissimi! In bocca al lupo!

Mrs Maria Philpotts

Assistant Languages Coordinator and Teacher of Italian & French

From the P&F

Ms Cara Edwards

P&F Liaison

Alumni News

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT - Simone Amelia Jordan (Class of 1998)

Simone Amelia Jordan (nee Kapsalides) graduated from Rosebank in 1998. Her story is inspirational: starting at Rosebank after a suspension elsewhere, with the odds stacked against her; she finished her schooling as College Captain. Then her star just kept rising.  

“I was a teenager best described as rough around the edges,” Simone says. “During my time at Rosebank, I was grateful for the respect and support given to me by the school's Principal, Mr. Hawley. He led by example and was firm but fair, a true man of principle.”

As a child, Simone fell in love with hip-hop music and storytelling, so becoming a music journalist was something she always had her heart set on. “Towards the end of high school, I was fortunate enough to score a part-time gig as an editorial assistant at Juice (a now-defunct pop/rock music magazine). Sony BMG commissioned them to produce a special ‘urban’ music insert, and they gave me the green light to co-produce it. It was my first published work, and I still have copies to this day.”

It comes as no surprise that Simone’s favourite subject by far was English, recalling being taught by the late Mrs Brooks, who she describes as “a wonderful woman who nurtured my passion for words”.

In 2003 at just 23, Simone founded and edited Urban Hitz, which became Australia's highest-selling hip-hop and R&B magazine and one of her proudest career moments. “When I said I was ready to start an on-sale hip-hop and R&B publication, people looked at me like I was crazy. It became the most successful urban music publication out of Australia and New Zealand, so I remember that part of my career with extremely fond memories.”

During her run with Urban Hitz, Simone built a relationship with a New York City-based online clothing retailer, Having worked well together, she told them about her dreams of living and working in the Big Apple. Coincidentally, the company was looking to expand their website by adding content and lifestyle elements.

Simone was offered the job and left Sydney with two suitcases and a dream for the next step in her career.

Her time at saw her writing articles, editing, and on-camera interviews with some heavyweights in the music and fashion industries, including Mary J. Blige and Diddy. Some years later, she became Content Director of The Source, a publication widely considered the ‘Hip-Hop Bible’.

After remaining in the U.S. for a decade, Simone returned to Australia. This year, she published her prize-winning book debut, a memoir called Tell Her She’s Dreamin’. 

“It's been a unique professional path with several bumps, but I'm fortunate to have enjoyed a rewarding international career,” she says. Her message to current Rosebank students? “Follow your dreams, and don't stop until you get there.”

Today, Simone is regarded as Australia's most successful hip-hop journalist. She has held senior positions in print, radio, TV, and digital media, with her celebrity interviews notching over 13 million YouTube views. She currently mentors the next generation of multicultural talent through her work with Media Diversity Australia and Diversity Arts Australia and is resolute about hip-hop’s power to change the world.

Pick up a copy of Simone’s memoir, Tell Her She’s Dreamin’, where all good books are sold. 

Congratulations to Simone on her achievements.

Mrs Tina Carbone

Community Engagement Liaison

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