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Travel with Rosebank

Two of Rosebank's travel opportunities are now taking expressions of interest. 

We are now accepting expressions of interest for Rosebank's 2024 Benedictine Exchange Program. Click here to learn more.

Mrs Tina Carbone
Community Engagement Liaison

To learn more about Rosebank's new Italian Study Trip, please read the article below and register your interest to attend the information evening here

Ms Veronica de Jong
Languages Coordinator

Principal's Message

Earlier this term, we held Rosebank's Discovery Week. As an educator, I find this initiative to be one of the most exciting and valuable experiences for students. The program offers a wide range of opportunities that are thoughtfully designed to meet the individual needs of each student. The extensive planning and preparation preceding the event culminated in a week full of learning, challenges, and personal growth for the students.

The program offers Year 11 a retreat experience where they become even more immersed in their faith culture of Rosebank. It gives our students an opportunity to mend relationships, develop a vision for their Year 12 experience, and a deeper sense of belonging and connection to themselves and to their God. This group of students was by far the most impressive I have ever seen. I am incredibly grateful for how open our students were to the experience and also to Fr John Ngyuen ofm cap;  Fr Richard Dbumba, Fr Phil Zadro and Fr Paul Crowley, who attended our retreats.

More than 200 local businesses supported Rosebank by providing the most amazing work experience opportunities for our Year 10 students. Experiences ranged from working in the Office of the Member for Drummoyne, Ms Stephanie de Pasqua MP, NSW Police, fashion, construction, architecture, agriculture, engineering, NSW Health care, and even included an experience at Taronga Zoo. I regularly try to impress upon our students just how grateful we should be at Rosebank for the multitude of opportunities made possible by so much support.

Our Year 9 students participated in a camp experience that included the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program. This was a challenging experience for many of the students who had to take risks and step outside of their comfort zone. As a result, they were able to develop stronger relationships with their peers and gain greater confidence in themselves and their abilities. Overall, the experience provided many opportunities for personal growth and development.

Our Year 7 and 8 students had the opportunity to participate in an exciting array of learning activities that catered to their individual interests and passions through our Festival of Creative Spirit (FoCS). These activities were curated by dedicated teachers who shared the same level of enthusiasm as our students. At the end of FoCS week, we had a showcase event where we celebrated these students' accomplishments and presented awards to some of the brightest faces. Being a part of this event was an absolute joy.

I want to thank the teachers and support staff who gave up family time to be on retreat or camp and for the time spent thinking about the particular needs of all of our students in and out of the gates of Rosebank. The Rosebank staff are an incredibly dedicated group of professionals, and I am very grateful to them. 

I am proud to acknowledge several teachers who received well-deserved recognition at Friday night's event for The Teacher's Guild of NSW. Jennifer Jackson, our Dean of Professional Learning and Culture, will write more on this.

I also want to mention the fantastic representation we had of Rosebank Alumni, from 1955 to 2022, at our Rosebank Reunion and the official opening of the College Archives this past Saturday. 

It was a pleasure to meet so many past students, and hear their stories. I was in awe of this family, with five daughters who all attended Rosebank. All four surviving sisters joined us for this special event. 

Please enjoy more photos of the event below.

Finally, I try not to spend too much time discussing or refining expectations around uniforms in this forum, but I do want to seek your support as parents in gaining consistency around the Rosebank uniform and dress. Please be mindful that for every parent who asks us to make an exception for their child, we can be accused of being inconsistent by another parent. There are some extreme cases where we do need to bend for our student’s welfare, but these should be rare. The majority of our students should be adhering to the Rosebank standard, which is clearly outlined in our enrollment pack. My experience with teenagers is the stronger the line you draw, the safer they feel, and the more we can continue to discuss the more important aspects of school, that is, learning and engagement.

Thank you to all of the parents who do a wonderful job of supporting us as we support you. Additionally, thank you to members of our P&F Committee for organising a banquet morning tea in recognition of our staff members on World Teachers’ Day. 

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Ms Iris Nastasi 


From the Assistant Principal

Last Friday, members of the College P&F generously hosted a ‘Thank You Morning Tea’ for Rosebank staff, in recognition of World Teachers Day. 

While we are grateful every day for the crucial role that our teachers play in contributing to the quality education of our students, it always means a great deal for the value of our teachers to be acknowledged in person by our parent representatives. Joining the P&F to express their gratitude for our teachers, were our students, who brightened many a staff member's day by submitting a heartfelt message of appreciation.

Our P&F will also be hosting a Year 9 Parent Social on Friday, 3 November at The Backyard, Briars Sports and I look forward to hearing some of the personal stories about the experiences of our students at the Year 9 Camp held in Week 2. If you have not already responded, you may RSVP here

The rich history of Rosebank, along with the personal stories which continue to be gifted to us by those who have paved the way to help form the community we are today, were celebrated at the Rosebank Reunion over the weekend.  This event included the Archives opening, where guests were able to take a walk down memory lane, spending time amidst displays of fascinating historical and personal photos and memorabilia.  I encourage all members of our community who have a connection to Rosebank’s history, either as an alumnus, or as a friend of the College, to stay in touch through our Alumni and Archives departments: /

Only one more week of HSC examinations remains before our graduates complete their sign-out process.  We are eagerly looking forward to celebrating with them at the Formal on 13 November and will conclude the year with a final catch-up at the Class of 2023 HSC Brunch on 14 December.

Also preparing for a big step up are our Year 10 students who are currently working through the Year 10 Transition Program. Having completed their work experience and started their Core Exams, students will soon be involved in a number of pastoral care sessions and presentations, with the program culminating in the Year 10 Transition Dinner on Friday, 24 November.  This will be followed by Learning Progress Meetings with parents and students on Tuesday, 28 November.

College Calendar – Events and Assessments

With a tremendous amount of planning currently underway for the remaining weeks of term and the commencement of the 2024 school year, we remind parents that a live version of the College calendar is available to view via the Parent Portal through the ‘Events & Assessment Calendar’ icon.  We will soon begin populating this calendar for the new year.  Term dates, events, excursions, and on-site activities are available to be viewed in this online calendar. Parents are also able to view the assessment calendar by year group accessed by clicking the arrow in the top right corner and ticking the required field in the drop-down menu:

While we do endeavour to ensure that the events published in the Student Diary for the start of each year are as accurate as possible, there are of course changes made through the year and as such, the online calendar should be used for planning purposes.

Guest Speakers

As part of our planning for 2024, we encourage parents to communicate with the College around potential areas of interest which you feel could be of benefit for our parent community as a whole, with regard to hosting guest speakers.  You are welcome to contribute to that planning process by submitting your suggestion for presentation topics to as we work to provide informative and relevant opportunities for our community to learn and grow together for the benefit of our children.

Mr Paul Hardwick

Assistant Principal

World Teacher's Day

Rosebank College celebrate “Gems” - 2023 World Teachers Day

World Teachers' Day is an annual event, taking place this year on Friday, 27 October. It is a time to celebrate, recognise and appreciate the hard work and dedication of educators across the globe.

At Rosebank College, World Teachers' Day was once again celebrated with great enthusiasm. The day is marked by special events, activities, and messages of appreciation from students, parents, and fellow members of staff, with the theme, ‘Our Teachers Are Gems’.

In particular, this year, the P&F committee held a generous and delicious morning tea for all staff, to acknowledge the critical role that teachers play in shaping the future of children and young people at the College. Representatives of Rosebank parents wished to thank all staff at the College for their contributions and passion for all that they do.

Year 12 student leaders put together an inspiring and heartwarming film of students from across the campus thanking their teachers, which was showed at the Virtual assembly on Friday morning. It followed on from NESA’s 2023 theme, with messages of gratitude, care and inspiration, showing that students believe “the wisdom and expertise of teachers shines brightly in our College”.  You may view an excerpt from the student video here.

Overall, World Teachers' Day is a wonderful opportunity to come together to celebrate educators and their contributions to society. Rosebank College is proud to join in this global celebration and to recognise the invaluable work of its teachers.

Ms Jennifer Jackson

Dean of Professional Learning and Culture

Ministry News

Rosebank Catechist Program 

Each year, Year 10 students are given the opportunity to train as Special Religious Education teachers (Catechists) to assist All Hallows, Five Dock parish in teaching scripture to Catholic students at Russell Lea Public School. This year we had 31 students take the opportunity and they both represented the College outstandingly, as well as grew in their own faith life. We recently attended an awards ceremony for student Catechists hosted by Bishop Danny Meagher. One of our students, Sophia Ferrara, was given the opportunity to speak at the event about how much being a Catechist has meant to her. Her address is below:

The Catechist program has definitely helped me grow as a person; both religiously and personally. I know I can say for all my fellow peers that the Catechist program has given us the opportunity to teach and enlighten the next generation of Catholics whilst also allowing us to form a multitude of relationships; from the children we help each week to the adult Catechists who have shown us how to be true teachers of spreading the good news. Personally, witnessing the selfless nature of the adult Catechists has inspired me to learn more about my faith in order to continue to give back to the Catholic community. As a former student, a part of the Scripture program at school run by Catechists, I understand the immense importance of volunteering as a Catechist and their impact on encouraging a love of faith from an early age. Now as a student Catechist, the program has not only furthered my development in my own faith but given me the rewarding feeling of being able to share my knowledge of the Catholic teachings with younger Catholics as once done for me. The program has definitely been an eye-opening experience for me to explore my faith further and has given me the opportunity to give back to the community. 

Sophia Ferrara, Year 10


Mr Colm McCaughan 
Assistant Dean of Ministry

Year 11: Retreats … and advances

Over the second week of the term, all Year 11 students participated in the annual Senior Retreat held at Kiah Ridge Christian Conference Centre in the Southern Highlands or the Edmund Rice Retreat Centre at Mulgoa. Joining our students was a team of staff who willingly and joyfully joined our young people over these days.  What impressed me most this year was the engagement of our students in all the sessions and activities that were offered. The retreat is a time out of the usual; it is a time to step outside my daily routine and slow down in order to let the "still, quiet voice" speak deep within and for me to listen.  And we did a lot of listening - to self, to those in the small groups, to those who shared something of their own faith and life journeys, and to Jesus who spoke to us in the Word of God, in our shared experiences and in the ancient rituals of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  

I had the privilege of listening to many young people tell a part of their story, in their words, and in their own time.  I really did feel that I was walking on sacred ground.  I have been reading my way through the student evaluations over the last week, since we returned from Retreat, and I am so impressed by the honesty of responses and the willingness of our students to take the risk of stepping into the "God space" with a willingness to be amazed.  And many appeared to have been "amazed" at the experience.  

Let these photos describe something of the joy that many of our young women and men described.

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Dr Paul O'Shea 

Dean of Ministry 

📷 TAS News

Mianopoly by Mia Rumolo 

Students in Year 7 were asked to design a board game using a Micro:Bit. Mia developed a  programming code to be used in her “Mianopoly” board game. Instead of the traditional game of  Monopoly, Mia created a Rosebank version using the house system and elements of the  College curriculum, like PACE. You will never end up in ‘Mayfair’ but you may land on ‘The  Green’ and hopefully pick up an affirmation on the way.

Ms Maree Lucas 
TAS and Hospitality Teacher

Shape Nominations

The Shape exhibition showcases a collection of outstanding 2023 HSC major projects from Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, and Textiles and Design. This year Rosebank students received six nominations for Shape.

Hugo Rochlitz – Design and Technology 
Costa Efthimiou – Industrial Technology 
Christian Furfaro – Industrial Technology 
Cooper Husken – Industrial Technology 
Paul O’Connell – Industrial Technology 
Daniel Righi – Industrial Technology

Each of these students dedicated significant time and effort to develop their major projects. Congratulations to these students for their fantastic achievement.

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Ms Isobel Green 

TAS Assistant Coordinator

Performing Arts News

Music Soiree 2023

Drama Production 

Ms Biljana Valdovinos
CAPA Administration Assistant

On Wednesday, 11 October, the Year 11 Drama class met at the Sydney Opera House to watch "The Visitors", a Sydney Theatre Company production playing at the Drama Theatre. The night was brilliant, as director Wesley Enoch came out to address the audience and speak of the play's relevance in regard to the referendum that occurred later that week. The play was a brilliant example of Australian Indigenous Drama, a topic that we have since begun to explore in the Year 12 Drama syllabus.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to experience the live theatre environment and witness an incredibly well-written and acted stage play. 

Jack Batchelor
Year 11 Drama
CAPA Captain


Click here to view full Rep and Club Sport results (Term 4) 


Sign-ups for Term 1, 2024 Representative Weekly Sports are now open via TASS. The sports are Basketball, Touch Football and Water Polo. Students with experience are invited to sign up if they’re interested. Please note that sign-ups close on Wednesday, 8 November.


Isaac Herodotou (Year 8 Cassidy) entered the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) World Cup 2023 on Saturday, 21 October in Sydney. For Isaac's weight division he achieved gold in Gi and gold in no Gi. Well done Isaac on your achievements and your dedication to Jui Jitsu.

Ms Annalisa Di Bella  
PACE Coordinator (Representative Sport)

Year 9 Students Conquer their Bronze Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey 

On Wednesday, 18- Friday, 20 October 88 Year 9 students completed their Bronze Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey whilst on Year 9 camp. These students participated in a range of activities to ensure that they had planned and were prepared for the challenge ahead. On Wednesday the students completed their Practice Journey component and on Thursday and Friday the students completed the Qualifying Journey component of the Adventurous Journey section, successfully completing a number of hikes and working together with their group members to overcome challenges. Well done to all students for successfully completing their Bronze Adventurous Journey!

The Bronze Duke of Ed award was an amazing experience with my friends and others in my year group. It allowed me to make friends with people I didn’t really talk to and strengthened the bonds between people I know. Through hikes in the mountains I got to see breathtaking views. Although we struggled to get up some hills, it was by far worth the effort to see them. My favourite part of the trip was swimming in the Colo River. After our 6 hour hike, it was a refreshing way to cool down and have fun with everyone. I was able to learn many different skills like setting up tents, locating and working out time for fire trails and finding the best way up a hill with our rucksacks. With the group, tasks such as cooking, cleaning and collecting firewood were sufficient. Increasing our sense of teamwork as we accomplish tasks quickly and effectively. If I had the opportunity to participate in the Bronze Duke of Ed award I would. If you’re considering partaking in the Bronze Duke of Ed award I highly suggest you sign up as it leaves you with everlasting memories. 

Sophie Buttigieg

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Adventurous Journey was an enjoyable experience. Although there were a few cases of rolled ankles, overheating and nose bleeds, it is an unforgettable experience. The Duke of Ed Camp consists mainly of hiking and one activity on our first day of camp. The hiking split up into three parts. One small hike on Wednesday to our campsite, a 6 hour hike to our second campsite on Thursday and another hike back to base camp on Friday. We were taught all the necessary navigation skills to navigate the hike. Everyone got the chance to navigate. We were also taught how to apply first aid. My group specifically focused on overheating and how to manage when someone is facing heat stress, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. We were all given the chance to cook and help prepare meals for the whole group. The Duke of Ed adventurous is an unforgettable and enjoyable experience and I recommend everyone to challenge themselves. 

William McNamara


Ms Maryanne Di Bella  
PACE Coordinator (Cultural and Diverse Activities)

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Student Leader News

On Thursday, 26 October, Adelaide, Ava, Jayden K, Jayden W, Fletcher and myself went to the GRIP leadership conference. It was an engaging day with lots of fun activities, including a dance competition featuring Jayden W’s excellent dance moves. However, the focus of the day was to develop ideas on how to be better leaders and make a positive contribution to Rosebank.

We attended sessions such as ‘How to lead when it feels like nobody wants to follow’, ‘how to make improvements to our school culture’ and ‘how to make our events really matter’. The presenters provided a lot of interesting insights and broke down how to tackle challenges for leaders into really simple steps. The six of us now feel prepared to discuss with our fellow leaders and integrate what we’ve learnt into school initiatives. It was a great experience and unique opportunity to consider what makes a good leader and act on that in the year to come.

We thank Ms Long for organising and Ms Piperides for accompanying us on the day.

Felicity Fogarty 
Year 11

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📷 Year 9 Camp

During Discovery Week, our courageous Year 9 students set off on Camp! Upon arriving at the serene setting of Camp Somerset, they were quickly introduced to their group leaders and oriented to the campsite. Over the next three days, they hiked, canoed, abseiled, crawled through the wombat hole or slid down the river run plus more! 

Some groups completed the Adventurous Journey of their Duke of Ed Bronze Award, hiking for up to 10 hours a day! The students had a genuine camping experience by sleeping in tents and cooking over a fire. They returned to school on Friday with tired smiles, remarking on how much fun they had.

All are to be congratulated for putting themselves out of their comfort zones and the personal gains they made through this experience! We must acknowledge and thank the wonderful teachers who accompanied the students, spending time away from their own families to ensure our students were well cared for and had a great time. While the students sit in their class again now, I am sure they wish they were back at Camp Somerset, sitting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows.

Ms Amy Neylan

Assistant Dean of Pastoral Care (Middle School)

📷 Festival of Creative Spirit (FoCs) News

The Festival of Creative Spirit (FoCS) is a tradition at the College whereby students in Years 7 and 8 participate in problem-based and project-based learning activities during Discovery Week. In this year's FoCS program there were 14 projects running, which included some well-established projects, such as The Art of Transformation and Rosebank Active, as well as some exciting new projects, including the Lip Lab and Future Skies. Some of the highlights of the Festival included a visit by Centurion actors to educate students about the life of an Ancient Roman gladiator for Death in the Arena, as well as an excursion to see the stage show Wicked the Musical

The projects that students showcased at the end of the week ranged from outstanding short films from Rosebank Cinema Presents and iCreate to enticing menus in My Cafe Rules. The feedback from students about the week was overwhelmingly positive with teachers running the projects noting that some of the products created were the best they have seen yet! 

Congratulations to all students for their participation during the week and a massive thank you to the staff involved for their efforts in preparing the exceptional projects on offer.

Click to watch a summary of the week:

Lego Masters

For the Festival of Creative Spirit 2023, I did the Lego Masters Project. During the week there were many challenges to keep us entertained. The challenges we partook in included building the tallest tower, building animals, building marble mazes and much more. It was very exciting since everything was on a time limit, just like the TV show ‘Lego Masters’, which made it a real challenge. Sometimes we didn’t have the bricks we needed so we had to get creative with our builds and how we built them in order to do well in the competition. It was very exciting to see the leaderboard after each challenge to see who was winning. Overall it was a great experience and I had lots of fun.

Tallen Palma

My experience in Lego Masters has been amazing. I used to play with Lego a lot when I was younger, but over the years I had lost my love and passion for it. I was unsure what the week would look like but thought I would give it a go. This week has definitely reminded me of what I love about Lego, and now I am inspired to play with it at home to recreate the awesome experiences I have had this week. This week has been so inspiring and our group created things out of Lego that I never thought were possible. We were challenged not only technically, but creatively as well. Not only did I have so much fun at Lego Masters, but I also made a new friend and became closer to so many more. I highly recommend this amazing experience for your future FoCs Week activity.

Leo Giannichronis

What Drives Creativity in our World?

What drives creativity in our world? This is what we were asked to discover this week during FoCs. We were given opportunities to test different art mediums and techniques. On Monday we went on an excursion to the Art Gallery of NSW, there we observed the real variety of art and were inspired by the creativity of the artists. On Tuesday we did paint and sip for our incursion. We were joined by Rachel, a lovely artist from Pinot and Picasso who assisted and taught us to paint a gorgeous landscape. Ms Adams kindly provided delicious canapés and beverages that we would like to thank her for. The following day we tested a new material, led pencil and charcoal. We were given the opportunity to learn the technique of sketching and had an awesome time testing it out. On the final day of art we were given total creative freedom to use all of the things we had learnt over the week. We had a variety of Art from sketches, paintings and collages. This was an awesome experience that taught everyone so much. Thank you so much to the teachers Ms Goodenough, Ms Luppino, Ms Naylor and Ms Nijhawan for helping and organising this great week!

Sophie O'Driscoll

During Focs Week The ‘What drives creativity in our world?’ Group learned different art techniques through videos, and physical lessons with Rachael from Pinot and Picasso. She taught us how to paint a colourful sky with mountains and water with a reflection in it!  
Ms Luppino got us some pencil sets with different pencils and charcoal sticks and showed us some videos which taught us how to use a pencil properly and how to blend in sketches, and a little bit of perspective. Some of us produced some amazing art over the week, Especially on thursday where we were able to be creative and produce artwork of any kind based off our minds. Overall this was a very fun experience for the group, and also the teachers!

Alessia Cremona

Rosebank Active

For FOCS week, around 80 people participated in Rosebank Active. In the mornings we would walk down to the Tiger's elite training facility and come back at noon. The training at the Tiger's facility was all about having correct form while doing exercises and keeping fit. Over the four days, we learnt the correct form for squats, deadlifts, push-ups, and burpees with the help of Antonio, Louis and Bronson. The coaches were very helpful and supportive if we didn't manage to get the correct form straight away. Overall, my favorite part of Rosebank Active was training at the Tiger's elite training facility and learning new skills!

Lachlan Maiden

Rosebank Active students also had to complete an artefact, the artefact was to create and present an online 3D - designed gym. This gym was created using a software called SMAI, students could design their gym by searching for their machines, weights, furniture and more. We could simply click and drag the items we wanted and then transfer them into our gym. Students used the online recording tool in exchange to fim a walkthrough of their created gym. The creation of our gym was really fun and at the West Tigers Elite Training facility we got to see what is in a specific gym to alter to the customer's likings. My favourite part of Rosebank Active was the creation of the gym, because we got to be creative and test new skills!

(Luca Sasso)

On Broadway

We chose On Broadway for this year’s FoCS week. On Broadway is an amazing opportunity to sing, dance and act even if you haven’t done some of those things before. We even got to see Wicked in the Lyric Theatre! Students had the chance to be creative and come up with their own ideas all together for the scenes, and even what we wanted our musical to be about then with the smaller groups we developed the songs and acting. At the beginning of almost every day we get to play drama games, sing, and dance with the whole group providing us with new skills that we could incorporate in our performance. This week has been innovative, engaging, but most of all fun. On Broadway is an incredibly rewarding experience that we would recommend to everyone who has a slight interest in any aspect of musical theatre. We really hope whoever is reading this chooses On Broadway next year!

Leila Woods and Violetta Clarke

Bridge to Victory

Bridge to Victory is a task where you are given a kit of balsa wood, string, and PVA glue, with those materials you design and make a bridge. On Monday we got started on learning what the topic was as well as starting the PowerPoint for this task. We also practiced making joints with the balsa wood and the design and drawing for the PowerPoint with which we learned how to use Sketch-Up.

On Tuesday, we went on a whole-day excursion where we went to look at bridges around Sydney. This inspired us to make different kinds of bridges, (eg. Truss bridges, Arch bridges, and Cable Stay bridges). This excursion helped us in getting a better understanding of the task of creating bridges.

On Wednesday we all got to work making our bridges. It was one of the most stressful days of 
the week because of the limited amount of time we had to complete our bridges. There was also a lot of stress on the fact that all the glued pieces needed to be dry for the next day so that we could put our bridges together for the next day and get them ready for stress testing on Friday.

On Thursday a special guest came to talk to us about bridge design as he is a bridge designer himself and has approved most of the bridges in Sydney. He will also look at our designs and give us feedback to make them better than they already are.

All together you get about two and a half days to make the bridge and on the last day, it is stress tested on just how much weight it can hold. Each bridge was weighed and then put on a testing platform where it was tested for how much weight the bridge could hold until it snapped. That is then recorded and the group with the strongest, lightest bridge wins.

Throughout the task, we faced many problems that caused us to have to rethink our designs and sometimes restart. Things like the balsa wood would not cut very well when it needed to be shortened, the glue didn't stick instantly and had to be left to dry but in the end, we found creative ways to fix all of the problems with the help of our groups. FOCS week is a great 
opportunity for friendships to form and work on team-building skills, as we worked on our bridges in teams of three.

Samuel Irvine

Future Skies

Future Skies has been an experience like no other. The opportunity to fly and program drones is unlike anything I’ve done before, and I would highly recommend it for anyone on the fence about an activity for Discovery Week. The points and leaderboard made every challenge exciting, whether it be maneuvering through an obstacle course manually, or programming your drone to take a photo of an object hidden through the room. My personal favorite part has been setting up the final races, and practicing the course. A big thank you to all the teachers for allowing this wonderful experience, and especially Mr Stivaktas for teaching us all how to fly drones.

Lachlan Restifa
Hi, this is my review of the Future Skies for the newsletter. This week during FOCS, me and many others participated in Future Skies. This program was run by Mr Stivaktas, his initiative and interest in drones and programming really showed during his teaching. 

This week we learnt how to code and fly Tello drones. These are small drones the size of two of your hands, which we flew through obstacles and coded to do many 'missions'. Some of these missions required us to use the drone camera to find things and required us to take photos from high above. On Friday we were able to compete in a race against each other for the ultimate glory. As this had been written before the race, we do not know who has won, but we do know that this will be an action-packed race. This race is filled with high speeds and complex obstacles. Overall this week was amazing and I would highly suggest doing this for FOCS.

Peter Giannone

Step into the Dugout

Throughout FoCS week, we have participated in the workshop “Step into the Dugout”. This workshop has been filled with many fun activities including completing a coaching course, and an eye-opening speech by Mr Amos, who was an elite coach for the Wallabies, Melbourne Storm, and many more accredited well-known rugby league clubs. This speech introduced us to many different principles, perspectives, and strategies for how to become a great coach. “Step into the dugout” has challenged us to think about new ways to communicate with players, taught us many essential skills to be able to coach a team, and upskilled us as a player, by putting ourselves in a coach's shoes. We also enjoyed creating our very own training session for selected sports like soccer, netball, and basketball where we taught specific skills, and coached our classmates to master them, helping us feel accomplished of what we created. Overall ‘Step into the Dugout” was a fun, engaging workshop, with many opportunities to excel in coaching as well as being a player.

Katia Reichle and Giacomo Crawly

Rosebank Cinema Presents

For FOCS Week this year, we joined Rosebank Cinema Presents, where we were required to create an original movie in a group of 6 - 8 people. We learnt how to make a short film in a few days and how to recreate camera angles to help create mood and tension during the filming process. Through doing this we learnt how to work as a team and developed the problem-solving skills required to make changes for the benefit of the film. We learnt how to use cinematic techniques, costumes, make-up, lighting, and sound to make our movies engaging and original. Each group had their own Director, Designer, Producer, Actors, and Videographer.

Our favourite part was being able to control our movie production company and make a unique film that we could freely experiment with and be proud of. The retakes and dressing up made the experience funny as we made silly mistakes that ended up in the main cut. It was extremely fun to work collaboratively with our friends and make our film our own. However, sometimes we couldn't agree on scenes which ended up in a small argument. We ended up persevering, talking our problems through, and deciding on the scenes based on the time limit we had and the complexity needed to express the story we wanted to tell.

Overall, we had a great time in FOCS Week collaborating with our peers,  drawing storyboards, building scripts, and creating sound effects to produce rewarding and entertaining short films.

Matea Lado and Callum Reeves

Miniature Wargaming

During this week we explored different techniques to create and paint our miniature war figures featuring a skeleton and zombie army, a human army, a goblin army, and a dwarf army. We built a fantasy city for our figurines to fight to the death in. One student wrote a storyline about why the armies were in an eternal battle. Some students made a couple obstacles like wood piles, bridges and ladders from cardboard and wood and painted them. And some students 
even made entire buildings!

Hal Durham

This week, Miniature Wargaming gave us the opportunity to construct and paint our own miniature figurines to use in tabletop battle games such as Warcry. Many of us came into this activity with little knowledge of wargaming in general, but this experience has taught us many things including the techniques involved in creating our own miniature figurines. These include the use of specialized paints and washes. We were then able to apply these skills in our figurines and use them to play Warcry. Warcry is a game where players take control of miniature figurines on a battlefield and attack each other in tactical warfare. It is based on a custom scenario that changes gameplay elements, including the way players win and lose. The scenarios were written by students and included a point system. Overall this week was a great experience and we would like to thank Mr Booker and the other staff/ teachers who made it happen.

Liam Jessimer

My Cafe Rules

This week 14 groups of eager entrepreneurs stepped into Discovery Week to create and produce a unique, functional, and realistic cafe. We started our journey by teaming up in groups with like-minded peers and brainstorming ideas for our cafe. We then took a quick walk to Papas Patisserie to immerse ourselves in what a real cafe looks like and how it functions. We were met by a very eager Jim, who led us through a door where we were met with a very Charlie and the Chocolate Factory experience. We all eagerly glared through a glass window as we watched the magic of Cannoli’s, Gelato, Cakes, and many more delicious treats being made. Jim then led us through a very engaging talk about the different concepts of a cafe and what we needed to know in order to make our cafe the very best. We were then fed delicious homemade pizzas and gelato to fuel us for the rest of our journey. For the next few days, we eagerly designed our cafes, boosted by the melodies of Taylor Swift and plates of lollies.

After many hours of hard work, we were finally ready to present our cafes to Jim. This experience has been extremely rewarding and fun. Not only have we been able to take a break from schoolwork for a week and let our imaginative minds run free, we have also learnt some very valuable lessons such as how to present a sales pitch, how to manage a big business's finances, and just how much work it takes to build a business. A big thank you to our teachers who have guided us through this process and let us print practically the whole school's supply of paper out in photos for our mood boards and menus.

Isabella Fogarty (Year 7)

The Art of Transformation

This week we were in the FOCS group ‘Art of Transformation’. In this group, we had to come up with a final look, ours was Mario and Luigi and to help us we did three different workshops. The first workshop we did was accessories. In this workshop we were given many different materials to help us create a headpiece or accessory of any kind to go with our final look. We used paper mache to make a green shell to go with our Mario and Luigi character designs. 

Our next workshop was SFX (special effect makeup). In this workshop, Allyra used latex, tissue, and lego pieces to create the effect of lego sticking out of her skin. Our final workshop was face painting. In this workshop, we learnt different techniques and ways to use and apply face paint to our faces and bodies. In our final design, we used face paint to create the illusion of us having large cartoon-looking eyes. Overall it was a really fun week, we learnt a lot of new techniques and ways of transforming someone into someone or something else through the use of makeup.

Allyra Dante and Christina Giardina

The Lip Lab

Wow, what a week it has been with all of the excitement preparing for FoCS Week 2023! The activity that I chose for FoCS Week (The Festival of Creative Spirit) was the greatest and most fun project that has ever been created, The Lip Lab!! What made my Lip Lab experience so amazing that I hope to do it again next year? There are so many things that I can say from my journey of creating my very own lip balm that I got to take home with me. However you will have to pick it next year to find out. The Lip Lab was the best way to bring out your passion for skin care and cosmetics as well as your creativity through designing, constructing and producing our very own, you’ve guessed it…  lip balm.

On the first day, we formed a group of three which then was separated into an Economist, Chemist and a Marketer. I chose to be a Chemist because I felt like it was a great way to demonstrate my creativity and have lots of fun making a lip balm. The Lip Lab presented us with a workshop with a special guest who shared with us her thoughts and what we needed to think about before we started making our products. After the workshop we started planning as well as making the product to make sure it was the best that it could be.

I could go on about what we did all week however I have just told you some parts. I would like to thank all of the teachers that put their effort and hard work into making our experience unforgettable for us, as well as Mr Couani who made the FoCS week all come together. I have such great memories with my friends and I hope this will be an opportunity for you to bring out your imagination should you choose to try it next year.

Genessa Mieli

FoCs 2023! Wow, what an incredible adventure at The Lip Lab! The purpose of The Lip Lab is to encourage those who love makeup and skincare to learn more about how these cosmetic companies make, create, design, and promote their latest products. 

At the beginning of the week, we were fortunate enough to talk to someone within the makeup industry who owns her own business. For me this was a real eye-opener as it helped show the behind-the-scenes work that is put in to produce these lip products. This program allowed students to form their own small groups and collaborate with their friends and socialise with others. Each group would then have a marketer, economist and a chemist. Each role was vital in contributing and successfully creating our very own lip balm brand by the end of the week. I was the marketer in my group and was able to see the wide variety of marketing approaches different companies took in order to attract the public's attention. This was so fun as I was able to produce different posters and use different marketing strategies to help promote and attract our audience’s attention. This was an incredible journey as each activity was organised and thought out really well allowing for a fun and interactive experience for all. I am so glad that I decided to choose this FoCs activity and would strongly encourage and recommend choosing The Lip Lab for those who want to have fun, be creative and have a fantastic week!! So ultimately the decision is yours however I would like you to consider one thing before selecting your FoCs choice in the future… Do you enjoy having fun and creating awesome memories? 

Isabelle Calleja

Digital Storytelling (iCreate)

A must-try experience. This workshop allowed me to explore my creativity through art and animation. I had the chance to work with different people I never expected myself to even interact with. Each teacher was supportive of the animations in progress, giving informative feedback to help each person improve their piece. At the end of each day, we were informed to complete mini reflections on what we have learnt and what we could have improved.

On the first day of FoCS, everyone got a chance to introduce themselves by interacting with multiple different activities. We ended the day by starting to plan our animation plot in the span of 300 words. On the second day, three small groups were formed and everyone got the opportunity to share their ideas and express their feelings for other groups. On the third day, everyone started animating their plans. Many techniques were used, such as stop motions, legos, and even live-action films. By Thursday, everyone began to finish up with the final details. I truly enjoyed this experience I was given and would recommend it to others who enjoy filmmaking, art, and animation.

Marissa Kotsidis

My experience with iCreate was very positive. Everyone was really involved with their projects and even gave feedback to other groups. There were a range of projects, from a stickman animation, to a live-action film about soccer. The three teachers were very encouraging and open to ideas. On the first day we got together to find three spies, a murderer and overall have a good time with some drama activities. It was very interesting learning about how good stories are made through the large range of drama activities we completed at the start of the week. Some of us were even able to start planning our own story. The second day mainly consisted of us putting together our scripts and storyboard. By the third day most groups had finished this and moved on to filming, animating or drawing their story. The fourth day was all about editing! The fifth and final day will (It hasn’t happened yet as of writing this) consist of presenting our stories to the general public of Rosebank. It was surprising when we were able to compare our finished project to projects made last year and see how different the projects are. 

If you know someone who was in iCreate, I would highly recommend that you ask to see their projects, as all of them are amazing and everyone worked really hard to finish their project during this FoCS Week. Overall, I had an amazing time and loved every minute of it. If I weren’t in Year 8, I would have done iCreate next year too.

Adam McKay 

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Mr Matthew Couani 

Assistant Dean of Learning (Middle School)

📷 EnrichED News

After the change of pace of Discovery Week, EnrichED is back to focusing on upcoming events.

There is a College Colloquy excursion to the Sydney Peace Prize Presentation and Lecture on the evening of November 2. The recipient is Nazanin Boniadi for her work on human rights and advocacy for women, particularly in Iran. Tickets have been purchased but seats are still available for any students from Years 9-12 who are interested in attending but this must be confirmed today via the email below.

The Free-Thinkers Forum, an opportunity for senior students from a range of schools to come together and discuss issues that are important to them, will occur at Rosebank College on November 7. There are still seats in the audience for interested College students, please send an email today expressing interest in attending. The College students will be joined by students from as far away as Newcastle and Wollongong.

There is a buzz around the College as students who have been working hard, some from the end of Term 2, start to finalise their displays for the InnovatED Showcase.  For a peep at what will be on display at the Showcase check out the website created by the Student Organising Committee at this link.

This year the theme comes from a Helen Keller quote; ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’. Any Rosebank Community members interested in attending the Showcase from 3:15 pm on November 17 should RSVP with numbers and dietary requirements via the email below.

GERRIC (Gifted Education Research, Resource & Information Centre) have announced their school holiday program for January 2024. This year they have expanded the program to include onsite and virtual opportunities for students from Years 3-10. The workshops are designed by educators specialising in gifted education and taught by experts in their fields. Bookings are open now but fill fast; follow this link to find out more and book a spot in what are challenging opportunities, to explore a wide range of topics in depth.

This week we have reports from students on their experiences of the Future Problem Solving National Finals and from the winners of the Open category of the SunSprint Solar Car Challenge held on the weekend of 21 and 22 October.

Future Problem Solving 

LtoR: James Davis, Keighley Bentrup, Lauren Burrello & Sophie Wan.

At the time of writing, four members of the Future Problem Solving Team from Year 7, are winging their way to Brisbane in the company of a parent and Mr Borg to compete in the national finals of Community Problem Solving. As regular newsletter readers will know, the students have been working all year on ways to further reduce and recycle waste from the College. The families of Rosebank can support these students by enabling their children to participate in the Nude Food Challenge. The challenge is all about reducing waste from cling wrap, alfoil, and prepackaged food. We are encouraging students to instead bring their food in reusable containers.

To support this, our Eco-Warriors will be circulating during the breaks in Week 3 labeling containers for students. In Weeks 3-7 House Captains will be visiting Home Rooms to check lunchboxes. Any student with an entire lunchbox of Nude Food will win a point for their house.

These points accrue towards the House trophy awarded at the end of the year.

The Home Room in each House with the highest tally at the end of Week 7 will win a prize to share. Please encourage your child to bring their containers to school to be labeled in Week 3.

Nude Food Challenge Update

On the Monday of Week 3, we launched our Nude Food Challenge and so far have received positive results. We thank the parents, student leaders, and students that have participated in the Nude Food project so far and we urge you to continue getting involved.  In Weeks 3-7 House Captains will be visiting Home Rooms to check lunchboxes. Any student with an entire lunchbox of Nude Food will win a point for their house. These points accrue towards the House trophy awarded at the end of the year. The Home Room in each House with the highest tally at the end of Week 7 will win a prize to share. Please encourage your child to bring their reusable containers to school instead of unnecessary single use plastics. And don’t forget, we can label these small containers to help ensure they are not misplaced.

Lauren Burrello and Keighley Bentrup 
Year 7

SunSprint Solar Car Challenge

On the weekend of 22 October, 19 students from Years 9-11 attended the NSW SunSprint Solar Car Challenge at UNSW. The College had two competitive cars. As a member of the team that made the car, Stivaktas, it was a privilege to be chosen to represent the College. Winning was a remarkable achievement for my teammates and I as we really weren’t expecting to win. 

Using Term 3 PACE time and some after-school sessions, we designed a car to be highly efficient and aerodynamic which is why the car’s design is very thin, long and light. The competition was very tough as there were many cars that were very fast. Our car was always managing to get stuck at the start. But fortunately for us, most of the other cars would eventually also be derailed, leaving us to overtake them eventually. I was also very proud that another Rosebank team came in second place. This was particularly funny as their car was deemed the best option to attempt to qualify directly for the national competition and was then modified for the open competition. It was a fun experience to see our car winning and be excited with my teammates. I would really like do this again next year and put what I have learned into developing an even more effective car design. 

Joon Kim
Year 9

Winners LtoR: William McNamara, Joon Kim 7 Timothy O’Connell Absent: Vedant Mahto

Second Placegetters LtoR: Isabel El-Azzi, Kaelan Hu, Harley Hatzimihail and Sophia Cuomo

LtoR: Mr Stivaktas, Jayden Kim, Melanie Modrin, Dakota Hammond, Sophia Ferrara, Sophia Cuomo, Marco Crolla, Nicholas Haloulos, Harley Hatzimihail, Kaelan Hu, Isabel El-Azzi, Joon Kom, William McNamara, Timothy O’Connell, Lachlan Ledda & Jay Thakker.

LtoR: Jay Thakker, Dakota Hammond, William McNamara. Joon Kim Timothy O’Connell (back view).

Ms Cheryl McArthur
Gifted Education and iThink Teacher, EnrichED Program Facilitator

Sustainability at Rosebank

Did you know that dirt can't be placed in the Green Garden Organics bin? Our PACE group, the EcoWarriors, was visited by representatives from Veolia Resource Management. The purpose of this incursion was to inform students about correctly sorting rubbish into the green, yellow, and red bins at home in order to minimise the amount of waste we are contributing to landfill. Students were then challenged to correctly sort 'waste products' into the correct waste bins, which all were able to do with success.

As it stands our landfill sites will be full in the next five years with no solution provided as yet as to what will be done with general waste disposal from there. Our students were educated and encouraged to make more sustainable choices at home, in line with the goal of our Nude Food Challenge, in order to elongate the lifespan of our current landfill sites. We thank the educators at Veolia for their time and expertise.

Miss Lucy Monti

Student Leadership Patron - Environment

Italy Study Trip

Rosebank is delighted to announce that we are planning to take a study trip to Italy during the September/October holidays of 2024 (Friday, 27 September – Saturday, 12 October). The focus of this school trip is to provide Italian language students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Italy and to give History students the opportunity to visit numerous historical sites and museums.

The group will leave for Rome at the end of Term 3 and spend the weekend touring Rome. The first week of this trip will have two separate itineraries for our students:

Language students will spend 5 days at an Italian school accompanied by teachers from Rosebank College. In the evening these students will live with Italian families that have students attending the same school. Rosebank College staff members will be staying in accommodations near these houses and will be contactable at times. History students will visit historical sites in and around Rome staying in a hotel.

The following week the entire group will travel to Pisa, Florence, Bologna, and Venice. The College will outline the details of the study trip and costs on Wednesday, 1 November from 6:30 pm in the Scholastics Research and Study Centre (SRSC) to both parents and students. During this evening, parents will be given detailed information about the tour that they can take home and discuss at length.

If you are interested in attending this evening, we ask that you register your interest and the number of people attending through this link. If you are unable to attend this evening, please ask your child to contact Ms de Jong via email to obtain a copy of the presentation.

Students who are not majoring in Italian and/or History are welcome to apply for this educational tour; however, first preference will go to those who have demonstrated a keen interest in Italian or History.

Ms Veronica de Jong

Languages Coordinator

📷 Rosebank Reunion and Archives Opening

On Saturday, 28 October we opened our gates to all past alumni as well as staff both past and present to celebrate the Rosebank Reunion and official opening of the Rosebank Archives.

The sun came out for a wonderful afternoon, with over a hundred alumni from 1955 to 2022 who had the opportunity to reconnect with fellow past students, staff and the College itself. They enjoyed drinks, an impressive grazing table, a College tour, and a curated archives display.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we hope to see more of you at the next reunion! If you are an alumni of Rosebank College, please stay in touch through our Facebook and LinkedIn alumni group pages.

Mrs Tina Carbone

Community Engagement Liaison

📷 Career Pathways: Year 10 Work Experience


Work Experience - A huge success!

Year 10 students completed one week of work experience or Hospitality work placement during Discovery Week. The work experience program is designed to provide a taste of the working world and help students to gain insights into potential careers and industries.

During the week, many students not only gained valuable experience but also left a lasting impression on their employers who shared incredible stories about student achievements, commitment, adaptability, and enthusiasm. Many supervisors spoke of the seamless integration of students into their workplaces, the contribution of fresh perspectives, and the rewarding experience of hosting students for work experience. A significant number of students were offered part-time employment, encouraged to apply for apprenticeships, and invited to make contact with the organisation after finishing their studies.

The feedback from students has been equally positive. The first-hand exposure to the working world was eye-opening, and the outcomes were beyond expectations. Many students reported they had discovered new career interests, developed a stronger sense of direction, and gained confidence from the experience.   

We are thrilled that it has been such a rewarding experience and congratulate Year 10 students on a job well done! Their dedication and the positive impression left on the working world speak volumes about their potential. The skills honed and the lessons learned during this week are an investment in their future success.

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Mrs Angela Pavicic 

Pathways and Partnerships Coordinator 

Teacher Recognition

Award Winning Rosebank teachers on World Teachers' Day - NSW Teachers Guild 

Ten teachers from Rosebank College have been awarded the prestigious 2023 World Teachers' Day award by the NSW Teachers Guild. This award is in recognition of their tireless efforts and dedication towards providing quality education to students at Rosebank College. 

In addition, Iris Nastasi has also been recognised for her contribution to leadership, through her drive and passion for developing staff, innovation in education and student achievements, with the prestigious Honorary Fellowship of the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales. 

Frederick Osmond, President of the Guild, says “We greatly admire the commitment of teachers in enhancing their professional knowledge, improving teaching practice, finding new ways to engage with students, and developing and fostering relationships with the wider community.”

The Guild held their annual awards night at a gala dinner on Friday, 27 October, World Teachers' Day. These awards are highly regarded in the education community and are a testament to the exceptional work that these teachers have done. 

  • Iris Nastasi - College Principal
  • Greg Georgiou - Dean of Learning/Math Teacher
  • Belinda Clark- Dean of Pastoral Care/Math Teacher
  • Colm McCaughn - Acting Dean of Ministry/Senior RE Teacher
  • Jason Smith - Assistant Dean of Learning/Science Teacher
  • Marcel el Hachem -  Senior Math Teacher
  • Claire Moran - Acting Assistant Dean of Pastoral Care/PDHPE Teacher
  • Amanda Hill - Acting Assistant Dean of Learning/CAPA Coordinator 
  • Cheryl McArthur - High Potential Learner Coordinator 
  • Danielle Deguara - Senior History Teacher

Each one was nominated by colleagues within the school community and we are proud of their achievements and dedication. This award recognises the important role that teachers play in shaping the future of our society, and their ability to inspire and motivate students. 

Greg Georgiou, the Dean of Learning and recipient of one of the awards said the evening was vibrant and a celebration of teachers from all around NSW. “It was such a great way to recognise the work Rosebank College teachers are doing, and also the collegiality of teachers and leaders.” A big moment was when Principal, Iris Nastasi was recognised with the Guild’s Honorary Fellowship award. 

We congratulate our teachers from Rosebank College for their well-deserved recognition and celebration of their talents. Their hard work and dedication not only impact their students but also the broader community. We are grateful for their contributions and hope that they continue to inspire future generations of students.

Ms Jennifer Jackson

Dean of Professional Learning and Culture

From the P&F

To attend the AGM, please RSVP via this form.

We also look forward to our last event for the year, the Year 9 Parent Social Evening on 3 November 2023. Hope to see you there.

Ms Cara Edwards

P&F Liaison

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