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Year 7 Instrumental Program

Building life skills through music

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Musical participation enhances problem solving, teamwork, goal setting, self-expression, coordination, memory skills, self-confidence and esteem, concentration and poise. 

Founded on this knowledge, Rosebank’s unique Year 7 Instrumental Program provides every student with an instrument to learn during a weekly timetabled group lesson. 

Students can choose to join the College's Junior Orchestra Ensemble to further enhance their music learning experience. The instruments available for selection may include: 

  • Alto Saxophone 
  • Cello 
  • Clarinet 
  • Double Bass 
  • Euphonium 
  • Flute 
  • Trombone 
  • Trumpet 
  • Violin 

Year 7 students who come to the College with prior instrument experience in the above-mentioned instruments engage in class ensembles with other continuing students. 

These students are highly encouraged to further develop their playing skills through private music tuition and the College’s Music Ensembles. 

Individual Instrumental Music Tuition

Private tuition music lessons are conducted during school term in the College Montserrat tuition rooms and are usually 30 minutes in length. 

Lessons take place during school hours or before school by peripatetic music tutors who are highly experienced professionals in their fields. Each year, students receiving private lessons have the opportunity to present a solo performance at the annual Music Soiree Evening.

More information on Rosebank’s Musical Ensembles, may be found here.

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