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Vision and Strategy

A community of faith for all

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Our Vision Statement  

Rosebank’s Vision is to be a community of faith for all to realise their full potential through personal leadership and lifelong learning.

We strive to develop leaders committed to personal excellence who: 

  • Nurture the importance of self-leadership and leadership of others 
  • Embrace opportunities with agility and imagination 
  • Respond with empathy and act with determination and compassion 
  • Accept humility and service as a source of strength to empower others 
  • Act as brave and critical thinkers who persevere with challenges 
  • Advocate with moral courage for the good of others and our environment 
Our Mission Statement

We encourage a love of Christ, stewardship, hospitality, compassion and service working in partnership with our families, our staff and the broader community. 

As a Catholic community, we give strong witness to our role as advocates of equity, diversity and justice. As a local community, we strive to support programs and partnerships focused on collaboration, giving, service and care. As global citizens, we respond critically and intelligently to our changing world, its demands and the educational and personal challenges of our students. We commit to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Our Strategic Plan

The Rosebank community is committed to ongoing review and improvement. Together with our Mission and Vision Statements and Mission Framework, our Strategic Plan is part of a suite of core documents that shape and direct this review process. These documents also assist in the formulation of the College’s annual priorities.  

We invite you to view the video below of Ms Tara McCarthy, Board Chair, and Ms Iris Nastasi, Principal, introducing Rosebank’s current Strategic Plan.   

Annual Report and Policies
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