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Social Justice

Love exudes compassion and dignity

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Social justice is a core aspect of a Good Samaritan education. Students are involved in a variety of awareness-raising activities and initiatives throughout the course of the year.

Students participate in supporting the work of a variety of charities both locally and nationally through hands-on activities as well as fundraising. In addition, each House supports a Good Samaritan or Benedictine ministry either in Australia or overseas. 

Some of this work involves Immersion experiences, transforming knowledge into empathetic and active support of our neighbour. 

In his 2020 Encyclical letter, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis wrote of the parable of the Good Samaritan: 


Love does not care if a brother or sister in need comes from one place or another. For love shatters the chains that keep us isolated and separate; in their place, it builds bridges. Love enables us to create one great family, where all of us can feel at home… Love exudes compassion and dignity.

Para 62

There is no better way to describe the “why” of Rosebank’s commitment to supporting Good Samaritan Benedictine ministries, Caritas Australia and St Vincent de Paul. 


Whole College Charities

  • Santa Teresa (Year 10 Good Samaritan Education Immersion experience) 
  • Ministry Outreach (Year 11 Good Samaritan Education Immersion experience) 
  • Philippines (Year 11 Good Samaritan Education Immersion experience) 
  • St Vincent de Paul 
  • Caritas Australia 

House Charities

  • Adamson - St Maurus, Hanga, Benedictine College, Tanzania 
  • Brady - Good Samaritan Kinder, Kiribati 
  • Cassidy - Lucas Gardens Special School, Canada Bay; Cancer Survivorship Centre 
  • Caulfield - Our Lady of Fatima School, Railco, Timor L’Este 
  • Delaney - Santa Teresa, Northern Territory 
  • Dwyer - House of Welcome, South Granville 
  • Hayes - St Bakhita Centre, Homebush West 
  • McLaughlin - Good Samaritan Kinder, Bacolod, Philippines 
  • O’Connor - The Brown Nurses, Sydney 
  • Vaughan - St Agnes Chipole, Benedictine College, Tanzania 
Immersion Programs
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