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Liturgical Life

The heart of our faith

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Our Good Samaritan, Benedictine, Catholic ethos underpins all activities within the College. 

In a tangible way we see it expressed through the Religious Studies teaching program, the Pastoral Care program, the liturgical life of the College, Social Justice and Immersion programs and the work we do with our College Charities. 

Liturgical Life

The College’s liturgical life has a powerful impact on the school community through the active participation of students, staff and guests. 

The whole College gathers for Eucharist to mark the opening and closing of the academic year, Mother’s Day, Benedict Day and Social Justice Day. Rosebank marks other significant days such as Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Father’s Day with a Liturgy of the Word. 

Each day begins with prayer and the invitation for students to name their particular prayer intentions. Several times a year, each Home Room joins for prayer in the Chapel, with a focus on the daily Gospel, and each Religious Education class has the opportunity for its own class Eucharist at least once during the year. 

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For Catholics, Liturgy reflects in ritual and symbol what lies at the heart of our faith, a commitment to love and serve Jesus within the community that gathers in His name. 

Liturgy is an expression of Mission, the “who we are and what we do” element of our identity. In the Good Samaritan Benedictine tradition, Liturgy lies at the heart of our life. It is the “Work of God.” 

From the Liturgy, we are empowered by Christ to commit ourselves to his Mission in service of one another and our neighbour, especially the poor and marginalised.

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