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Our governing body and Leadership Team

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Good Samaritan Education (GSE) is the Church entity established for the governance of Good Samaritan schools in Australia. Governance is exercised according to the principles of partnership, subsidiarity and stewardship.

Rosebank College is governed by Rosebank College Limited, a public company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001. The Company has been formed for purposes beneficial to the community and is governed according to its Constitution. 

The Company members for Rosebank are appointed by the Governing Council of GSE. The Members of the Company appoint a Board of Directors who are accountable to GSE for ministry of the College. The Board, with the approval of the Company Members and the Governing Council, appoints the Principal/CEO whose responsibility is the leadership and management of the College. The Principal is accountable to the Board. 

The Leadership Team at the College comprises nine deaneries which represent the four domains: Ministry, Learning, Pastoral Care and Physical and Cultural Engagement, along with the four enablers: Governance, Administration, Professional Learning and Culture and Finance.


The Company

Vicki Comerford


Elizabeth Delaney

David Holland


Frank Pitt


Laetitia Richmond


The Board

Tara McCarthy


Carly Marshall

Deputy Chair

Charmaine Belfanti


Lesley Burvill


Michael Christensen


Karen Gray

Deputy Chair

Joanne Hack


David Jarjoura


Maria Maher


The Leadership Team

Iris Nastasi


Paul Hardwick

Assistant Principal

Paul O’Shea

Dean of Ministry

Greg Georgiou

Dean of Learning

Belinda Clark

Dean of Pastoral Care

Harry Vomvellis

Dean of Administration

Stuart Hanrahan

Dean of Physical and Cultural Engagement

Jennifer Jackson

Dean of Professional Learning and Culture

James Jeffery

Dean of Finance

Nancy Albatti

Human Resources Manager

Annual Reports and Policies
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