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Philosopher’s Corner

Rosebank’s IThink classes had the privilege of being a part of a discussion lead by Sydney University professor and ex-student, Dr Kerry Sanders. An array of engaging topics were on the list for discussion: equality, truth, justice, life and the universe. Student’s perceptions of reality were questioned and challenged as their minds were engaged with the intricacies of the art of critical thinking. Students explored how to deconstruct an argument, work out its validity and soundness, and in turn, strengthen their own skills in critical thinking.

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Senior Drama Ensemble Present ‘The Crucible’

It is 1692 and something wicked this way comes. No, not Shakespeare’s tragic hero but an anti-hero in the form of Abigail Williams who brings the whole town of Salem to their knees. What devilry is here? And will the innocent prevail?

Rosebank College Senior Drama Ensemble are a dedicated and committed group of volunteer performers, choosing to come together to stage Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” purely for YOUR enjoyment.

Are you game to step back in time with us and confront the demons of guilt that permeate the past?

WHEN? Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 9th June
WHERE? Meet under the Fig Tree at 6.30pm


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Commerce Market Day

As part of the Year 9 and 10 Commerce course, students created a Market Day to understand and experience business operations in a real life environment. Students were tasked with creating a business idea or concept, pitching and marketing to their peers, delivering the goods and ultimately making a profit! Market Day proved to be a delicious venture for all!

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